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At 17:59 on February 21, 2019, Randy Croce said…

Hi Kimberlee. I finally made it back on the site and posted my story. Thanks for the welcome and your kindness. It's been awhile but I wanted to thank you. 

At 5:10 on October 1, 2016, Carol Buckley said…

Hi Kimberly thank you for the warm welcome, hope you are feeling better!

So pleased to find this group, but I have not paid a fee to join yet so not sure if I can post yet?

At 21:36 on August 8, 2016, Ann Sullivan said…


At 20:19 on August 8, 2016, Ann Sullivan said…

Hi  Kimberlee, Thanks very much for your kind welcome and your thoughtful response.  The information about your descending dissection was particularly helpful and reassuring.  Do they think your descending dissection was spontaneous?  Has your surgeon said at what size he'd operate?    


At 18:08 on August 1, 2016, Randy Croce said…

Hi Kimberlee! Thank you for the warm welcome. Can you let me know how I go about posting my story?  Also, is my profile info viewable to everyone?  Just curious.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and so happy to have found you all. 

At 19:03 on February 7, 2016, Julie Lever said…

Hello Kimberlee, thanks for your message.  It'll take me a little while to tell my story.  I've only been out of hospital for a month, having had two aortic dissections in six weeks.  I've just read Dermot's comment from 12 December 2015 and I think I'm in the same boat.  From healthy and happy to close to death in one easy lesson.  I'm pleased to have found this forum, since I'm still trying to figure out what happened.  Be in touch soon.

At 16:18 on December 12, 2015, Dermot said…
Thanks Kimberlee, I will soon. Mine happened about 5 weeks ago in London so still recovering and getting over the sheer shock of it. From great health, non smoker, never in a hospital before to suddenly almost dead, it's still something I'm coming to terms with.
At 21:29 on October 20, 2015, Anne Cotton said…
Thank you for such a quick welcome. I have posted my story on the blog this evening...title 'miles from story'. I am still recovering, but making good progress at last. I don't know anyone else, and my GP does not either, so I hope to be encouraged by this site!
At 14:45 on September 15, 2015, Richard Thorn said…

Thanks Kimberlee for the welcome. I am just six weeks out from the surgery and am still finding my feet and trying to get answers to a pile of medical questions about my particular circumstances.  Already I am getting some sense of what I have let myself in for with an AD :-) from everyone's stories.  Glad I found this group.


At 8:57 on November 26, 2014, Jude Carter said…

You know if i could i would reach thru and give you a huge KIWI NZ hug, you and this group already have given me so much then today to get your message i wanted to cry happy tears.  Just to not feel alone.  I live in a little seaside town top of the south island New Zealand and of course aortic dissection is rare but even more so where i live.

Now i must remember to pay my membership, and write my story i am sure i will make it a novel so next wet day indoors, lol

Just one thing 4 months on and i am so so so tired its overwhelming, is this the medications or the recovery , i think i had more energy  a few months back but then i have moved my dad died i have 7 kids , on and on and on 

Probably the same as you, but even so i dispair the tiredness and anxiety (which i already had) and i feel depressed and flat,

thank you Kimberlee you probably dont realise just how much your input and support means to a lil old mum in New Zealand

I hope you are doing well these days and would love to learn some more about your life, 

kind regards Jude

At 1:55 on November 25, 2014, Jude Carter said…

Thank you so much for the welcome Kimberlee.  Just finding this site has brought me relief.  It seems that where i live there are no survivors of aortic dissection or that is what all the doctors and specialists say.  It is overwhelming at times to be told continually how lucky you are. We all know that well but its scary to hear it even so.

 I look forward to chatting with you all here and will write my story which starts at the gym lol.  But firstly i am 4 months post surgery having 3 stents placed in my aorta, 

please when will i feel like i have some energy again, the tiredness is overwhelming that and anxiety , any comments would be so appreciated

x Jude

At 20:50 on January 24, 2014, jarrod poole said…
Hi kimberlee. I've never been on a site like this before so i'm a bit rusty with it. I hope it'll help. I've spoken to people I know who do not understand so now i'm going to talk to people I don't know who do. It's been 21 months since my life was turned upside down and its still scary. I hope this site will help. Many thanks jarrod.
At 19:26 on December 7, 2013, J. Hughes said…

I can see the immense support... Glad to know you're on your way back. 

At 23:24 on December 5, 2013, J. Hughes said…

Thanks! I wish I found this before... I see you just went through your own ordeal. I hope all is well now. 

At 14:47 on November 27, 2013, Frendessa Garris Thompson said…

Thanks Kimberlee.

At 14:34 on November 27, 2013, Frendessa Garris Thompson said…

I am happy to find people that understand what I am going through.It

took me two years also to find someone to talk to. Others don't seem to

understand. Today, I celebrate my two year anniversary today, I am

happy to be here.


At 14:16 on November 27, 2013, Frendessa Garris Thompson said…

Thanks Kimberlee, for the welcome. I need good people to share with, people

that understands what I went through.



At 21:48 on November 13, 2013, Paul said…


Thanks for the welcome. It's good to see so much positivity as well as concern in your posts and replies. I read the stuff on site from afar for a good while before deciding to join but probably wouldn't have if not for the the vibe you and others have helped create. Can a site have a vibe?



At 13:30 on September 25, 2013, Judy Johnson Roth said…

Hi, and thanks for your question about genetic testing.  My cardiologist feels that it is most probably some type of genetic connective tissue/collagen issue.  I asked about genetic testing, because I was adopted as an infant and all attempts to find my birth parents have been unsuccessful.  They have covered their tracks purposefully and well.  However, since I have a son who is 34, I thought it would be important to know for his sake.  But the cardiologist feels that given the cost ($3-5K) and the fact that insurance wouldn't pay for the testing AND the fact that treatment wouldn't change, he advised against it.  I'm still thinking about it, though.  I feel as if I have enough evidence to at least have my son get a CT scan for a baseline.  So far he's resisting, but my next step is to go through his WIFE, who I'm pretty sure has no interest in becoming a young widow with two babies...I hate to be morbid, but it could save his life, you know?  Have you had any news from your CT scan?

At 3:25 on September 20, 2013, Judy Johnson Roth said…

Thanks for the kind welcome, Kimberlee.  Best of luck to you on your upcoming CT. Hope there really isn't an enlargement!!!


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