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Hi all,

hope all had a lovely Xmas and have started a bright and shiny New Year on a positive spin.... and the Xmas pounds (certainly hope not kilograms!) are now being attacked vigorously in the gym and bracing 10 mile bicycle rides etc!

Firstly my health update. Radiation treatment now all finished and side effects fading quickly.. so it seems so very happy on that front. First check-up end of Feb as have to wait for radiated bits to cool down (joke!) so tests are done on a normalised basis but everyone very happy with treatment and results so far.

Myself, am feeling better and better every day so its back into a full work schedule and busy busy lifestyle with work and usual post Xmas things to sort out..seems to be millions this year. :-)

Secondly, the site. As I have not been able to do much for last 4 months of treatment etc have not updated this site or sister site on a regular basis. Also, we have a total site changeover looming in March which will require a fair bit of work on the site to carry it into the next reincarnation. 

I know many of the members on the site have not paid any - or have stopped paying subscriptions - fair enough as for many members they have moved on and the site has served its purpose - as in the first year or two after joining it is invaluable for contacting members, posting stories, progress reports and asking for advice etc. After a year or two most members seem to be able to fly 'solo' again and do not need to use the site any further.

However, this is not fair to all the paid up members, many who have for years faithfully paid their subs and helped to enrich the site with support and help to other members. I repeat - the site costs money to run and more so every year and not just in time, but in real costs such as hosting fees and bandwidth. 

As soon as I have the time (a quiet weekend!?) I will be "shutting down" all non paid up members access to the site and leaving just paid up members and "life time members" as being able to post, blog or place comments, photos videos etc on the site.

This won't affect in any way anyone either non members or none paid up members from accessing the site in full - its just they will not be able to interact in any way with anyone on the site or post etc to the site. I expect I will get to this in next 4 weeks or so.

So, if any current "members" that are not paid up with  their subscriptions suddenly find they cannot access the site for posting, contacting other members etc this will be the reason why. Paying the yearly subscription will however enable immediate access to the site again as membership will not be cancelled, only frozen. 

Finally, a big thank you for all those who over the years have supported the site, and for all those who still continue to support the site. As one member recently said - "its been a wild ride" -  but frankly I would not have missed it for anything. :-) 

Take care, and a healthy and happy new year to you all!

Graeme Archer


Aortic Dissection Support Group

19 Jan 2015 (my wife's birthday - of course! ;-)

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Comment by Gregory Smith on January 24, 2015 at 13:25

Good news on the health front. Shame I've now retired and closed down my hosting business. I might have been able to help.


Comment by Graeme on January 19, 2015 at 18:18

Thanks Kimberlee! :-) 

Comment by Kimberlee Jones on January 19, 2015 at 16:44

So so happy you are doing well. I know you're glad the treatments are over and yes very happy those side effects are disappearing. Give our love to your wife.




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