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I have another story to share with you about the zipper.
My scar is still very pink and welted, I guess. Although most of the time I even forget is there, some one always remains me. Any way, this was a neat experience:
Last week during a visit to the hospital, I notice an older couple ( probably around my age, but they looked older) seating across from me. They were busy doing their own thing and not looking my way, at least that was my impression. Then, the women came and sat by me. She asked if I spoke Spanish, I said yes. She continued to ask what kind of surgery I had. When I explained, she asked if it was a difficult decision. I said no, because it was an emergency, so there was no decision to make.
She then proceeded to tell me she was there for a problem with her ear and she is in a deep depression. There is a noise in her ear and the doctors cannot find anything. She is under medication and feeling helpless.
I asked if she has considered doing some home remedies people do in poor countries for "air in the ear". She was aware of it, and said someone offered to do it for her, but she was afraid. "What do you have to loose? I asked. If it does not work, it wont hurt you". We shared stories about silly home remedies our mothers did when we were little and they seemed to work without interfering with the medical profession.
It was surprising to me how devastated she was for what seemed to be such a "small thing". So, I remained her that God gives us the will to live and to deal with what comes our way. "Think about he people who cannot see, walk, talk, not able to speak, or even feed themselves, and they learn to manage with what they have". I said.
"You are right", she said. "Even if I loose my hearing in one ear, there are devises I can use" and she smiled. At that point they call me. I wished her good luck and as I was leaving, through the corner of my eye, I could see her smiling.
I left the hospital with a feeling of satisfaction, like if I have accomplished a mission. But most of all, I realized how lucky I have been. I have been told, the rate for depression after a surgery like ours is extremely high. But besides some blue days when I do not feel well and start thinking perhaps I will not be here too long, my emotional health has been great.
Also I thought about the reason we were left in the world a little longer. Perhaps to help and inspire someone in need. I surprised myself of the way I spoke to the lady in the hospital. It came so natural. I have never consider myself a source of inspiration.
Therefore, I want to thank Gramme and all of the work he has done and continues to do for us. I also thanked all of you who had shared your personal stories.
After my surgery, I was so lost. First I had no desire to know what was done to me. Then, I wanted to know everything. Unfortunately, there was no information available. So when I found this site, it was wonderful!
God bless all of you and good night.
Maria T.

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Comment by Graeme on May 24, 2010 at 13:31
And god bless you too Maria - you are not only an inspiration to us - you also are to all whose life you touch! g


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