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I'm Amber
Hi! I guess I'll tell you my storie. It was June 2010. My son was at his dad's house. His birthday was the following day. I called my girlfriend to go birthday shopping with me. While we were out shopping I was incredibly grumpy, bordering on mean. She asked "what is wrong with you!" I told her I wasn't feeling well, I had a pinched nerve in my back. She pulled out her fancy phone and googled all of my symptoms. She then said "my phone says you are having a hart attac." So we calmly went through the line to perchus my son's gift's, and away to the emergency room we went. The EKG showed nothing, but the doctor new something was off. I got a CAT. It was a type B with a tiny tear. Because of my body type (I don't under stand that) they could not do a replacement. So they scanned my body for a suitable artery to replace it. During this they found kidney cancer. They found a suitable length of artery from my groine. During my 11 1/2 hour surgery, the doctor said there was so much plack on my artery he had to chizzle
it away. Then the artery started to split open in his hand. It started to turn into a type A at this point. My hart stopped for 10 minuts. He said to me after my sergery, " I never expected you to get off the table." "Every time I see you you amaze me." He had said to my friends & family there would be a good chance of me being a veggie. Lol, ok so he didn't use that word. So when I was young I was a gymnest, a dancer, a swimmer. Eaven at the ripe old age of 45 I was athletic and active. Two years later my ribs have never come back together. So I'm in constant back pain because my spine is off. One month later they took the kidney that had the cancer. It appears I am fine. I am so blessed. I am here for my son. He tells me I hug him to much, and I say I love him to much.
So dose any one deal with chronic pain? Also my doctor explained that when some one as athletic as I was is unable to do any of what they use to do, depression is vary common. Are any of you dealing with depression? My son and I are getting a pug next week. We are vary excited:) Thank you all for alowing me to be apart of this. I hope life fiends you all well and happy.
Amber Dulyanai

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Comment by Harry on August 3, 2012 at 6:41

Hi Amber,


Sounds like you were very lucky when they diagnosed you early. I think we have all gone through depression at some stage or another, some recognise it for what it is, others maybe a mood swings.

Sounds like you have a wonderful friend & son – a dog is a great idea, they can lift the mood & help improve your fitness with walking, I got two after my surgery.


Best wishes


Comment by Graeme on July 31, 2012 at 13:05

Hey Amber.. keep posting! No matter what you are one lucky person and life is for living.. And I love dogs especially pugs.. could we see a photo please ;-)





Comment by Jason Ruggiero on July 22, 2012 at 19:45
Thanks Amber very touching sorry! Good luck to you and your new pug!! I love those dogs.


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