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Hello my name is Sonya, I'm from Louisiana, and I have been out of the hospital for two months after a diagnosis of AD.  For me, this was not a disease I was unfamiliar with.  Five years ago, I buried my mother, who passed away two years after her first surgery for her dissection.  Upon a second surgery, her body could not handle it anymore!  She suffered severely and left me too soon, but she is free now!   Three years ago, my brother was hospitalized and also diagnosed with AD.  He also had a surgery in which they were able to go in through his groin area and place a stent! Thank the Lord, he is doing wonderful now!  His story is one of a successful fight!!   So now, I am fighting the same battle!

On March 5, 2013, I was sitting at my desk at work when my perfectly healthy world fell apart!!  It felt like I was hit with a board across the back.  Even after having two family members diagnosed, I was misdiagnosed when I arrived at the hospital.  I was sent home just to return on March 7 with severe pains throughout my upper body.  On this second trip to the ER, I was correctly diagnosed, put on a helicopter, and sent to a hospital that specializes in cardiology in Houston.  For five days, I lay in pain and tears while Dr’s ran test after test.  Even being on a pump for pain, I suffered and cried.  After another ten days in the hospital, they were able to send me home without surgery.  I was sent home with instructions to watch my blood pressure and manage the pain.  I have never been so terrified in my life.

My AD is very long, and I have an aneurysm closer to my abdomen!   I have been home for two months now and feel like I am getting stronger by the day.  I have gone back to work part time and gotten off of most of the pain medications.  I feel as if I have a lot to learn about my disease, and some days, I still get really frightened about my situation.  Somehow, it helps knowing that my brothere and I are not the only people fighting this battle.  It is also nice to see some of the individuals on this site who have survived ten years or more.  It gives me hope that I will live and be here for my daughter.

Here’s to all of you survivors out there!  I have Aortic Dissection and have survived!!


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Comment by Jim Sanquedolce on August 28, 2013 at 22:59

Sonya,  I may have  misunderstood your  1st  post,  You have  been  diagnosed with an Aneurysm in your  abdomin,  when  will you need to  go back and be seen again?  If You haven't  Had  surgury yet then you need to watch your BLOOD  pressure  VERY very closely  any  PAIN (chest, abdominal Abnormal pain)  means  YOU need to been scene IN a  REAL  hospital NOW.... As I said, I might  have  misunderstood you, but the  Surviver  Part isnt having the  disease, its  having the  anuerysm  dissect and  being  able to survive  this...  YOU   said  you  were able to go home without  surgery,  which equates to putting off  surgery.... IF  your  able to keep the  BP down and other  factors and stresses   down thats  one thing, but  people  such as  actor  John Ritter or ambassidor Richard  Holebrook  both  Had  been  diagnosed and were  "being watched" as they're  Type  B  anuerysms were being  Watched and GROWING  larger....  and  preparing  for  surgery, which  Came  too  Late..  I  honestly  Hope  your  leaving out  parts of  your story,  Such as  when YOUR  expected to  see  your  cardiologist  for your next  echo or  CT   scan?  WHAT  and how often  your  monitering  your  BP and  what medications  your  taking to keep it in check.... YOU   do  have  A lot to learn  about  Aneurysms,  and  YOU  need to be aware of the potential   of what  can happen with  YOUR   disease.....     Facebook   look up  a group  called   ( WHY..Aorta..!!  ) also  look up  ( which is  a  group of  mostly  people  who  have either survived OR  work IN  the  Hospitals   that  can  actually  do things to save your  life,,,,  How  far  are  you from 


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