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Well on monday i saw my doctor. My blood pressure is higher than it should be. So my Losartan has been increased. Also the pain in my arm and chest is coming from my bones. I cannot lift my left arm without wincing in pain. Do i feel reassured. One answer NO. If i am not feeling any better i will contact my consultant or get checked at the local hospital.

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Comment by Carol Pont on February 4, 2011 at 21:04
Thank you David. I hope you are home soon. Do not push yourself take each day as it comes. I was number 6 on my dads family and the only one too survive. I was only 19 when my dad died. Its genetic. I know the feeling about the ticking time bomb. Just how i felt. No more dark talk. You are doing well. Keep getting stronger. :)
Comment by David Vaughan on February 4, 2011 at 20:47

Hi Carol, that doesn't sound too good!  I would try and get to see consultant as soon as poss.  Maybe try and get to speak to him on phone first.  Easier said than done!  But you are never really going to trust anyone else.  I guess I've got all this to look forward to.  I think I am going to have similar problems to you.  when I am dischrged from here my day to day care will be transferred to my local hospital and my GP.  It will only be at my follow appointments that I get to see my consultant (if I'm lucky!)  I had a copy of the letter from my stroke consultant to my GP.  Apparently he suspected I had aortic stenosis when he sent me for the scan but I can't complain because at least he sent me for the scan where I was correctly diagnosed..  My GP's surgery were right on the ball and phoned home asking to speak to me to arrange an appointment to discuss this with my GP.  They didn't seem particularly put out when my wife explained the current situation and that she had been speaking to my GP a couple of days earlier, about me.  This is what you're dealing with!

Anyway, good luck!  hope you get something sorted soon.

Comment by Kimberlee Jones on February 3, 2011 at 1:21
My best advice is trust your instincts, we are more in tuned with our bodies than we realize. If your not happy with what one doctor says always get a second opinion. Also from experience do not tell the new doctor what the old doctor said..they tend to back each other up. *hugs* and good luck.
Comment by Cheryl Kerber on February 2, 2011 at 23:00
Carol, have you done any physical therapy since your surgery?  Sometimes they can help get your muscles back into better shape post surgery.  Just the stress from basic everyday physical movement can agitate your muscles and so forth.  Plus, the sheathing on our bones etc., all can feel the pain.  Keep advocating for yourself!  Take care.
Comment by Richard Deal on February 2, 2011 at 22:53

hey carol,

don't settle for any flannel your GP feeds you - make sure you get a check-up that ticks all YOUR boxes, not your GPs! i would ask for a referral - that sort of pain is definitely not normal...

keep us posted,



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