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... or maybe that should be writing the wrong ...


Moving on, a year or so on from my dissection.  Final update … hopefully.

For those who endured my previous blog will (maybe) remember that my troubles came shortly after a training run for a local 10k race.   Anyone who has seen the film Cool Runnings may remember the tag line 'Sanka you dead?” and at the end it's spun around to “Derice you dead” … “No man, but I have to finish the race”.  That's exactly what's motivated me for the last year, unfinished business!  So a couple of Sunday's ago I finally got the chance to put last year right. 

I recorded a time of 56 minutes – by no means ground breaking but I'm pretty happy with that.  I was aiming for sub hour so was running each kilometre vs watch (the magic 6 minutes per kilometre).  I had no trouble from my new valve or anything else operation related so apart from a troublesome knee, I think I've come through it ok.  Yeah me.  The only problem I have now, is my carrot has gone.  A new challenge is needed, and after reading on the other board (mechanical heart valve) – a triathlon sounds appealing.  Watch this space.


Not gonna' lie to anyone who may happen to read this in the recovery stage – it takes time.  Whilst I got back to 'normal' fairly quickly – getting back to where I was fitness wise, is still a work in progress.  My sternum is still sore – can't do a long arm chin up yet.   I had muscle atrophy on my upper left side, and that is still noticeably weaker. But overall I'd say I'm getting there. 

Outlook/family history

Well, at the moment it's unknown.  Having a dissection @ 27 years isn't exactly the norm. So the chances of something similar developing is possible.  One thing we (we = family) have started going through is family history + genetic testing.  Unfortunately my little sister has been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.  We feared something, as she'd complained about chest pains prior testing but it's still a shock.  The doctors have monitored her over 6 months and are happy to review in a year's time.  Given what I've just gone through, it's obviously worrying times.  My elder sister apparently is fine. 

Digging further into the family history (father's side) has revealed more.  An extended cousin had an emergency aortic dissection type B a few years ago. Luck had it, he was passing Newcastle hospital at the time and he pulled through.  My father's mother apparently died from an artery 'bursting' in her neck.  Whilst not aorta related, it's perhaps something that cannot be overlooked.

Obviously there's something going on somewhere, but God knows what.  My aorta is said to have just 'went' and was measured at something like 3.2cm, so not aneurysm like my sister.  Then the cousin, again aorta, but type B. It's all too similar and rare not to be related.  But so far, we have no clues.


All the best


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Comment by Kev A on June 28, 2012 at 21:49

Now then G


I thought it was an ace story about my run.  The rest sux tho.  We'll just have to see how that plays out.

All the best

Comment by Graeme on June 21, 2012 at 12:30



that's not a nice story. :-(  Keep us in the loop. And good luck with the Tri - I'll stick to watching the London Marathon outside at the corner table of the pub.. (with a shandy ;-)







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