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Hi all,

Some of you may be aware I had a Dacron fitted last August. Since then I have been recovering well & have returned to work, all be it on a part time basis.

My left rear shoulder is still causing me issues. I know the tissues probably haven’t had enough time to heal with possible nerve damage so I get a throbbing pain below the shoulder blade. This is mainly after doing something or on my walks. The Physiotherapist says the muscle is wasted & I have tried to do their suggested exercises, with mixed results.

I imagine its just going to time, but I am becoming frustrated, maybe I want to run before I can walk, it feels that way.

Any suggestions or ideas?




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Comment by Cheryl Kerber on August 3, 2012 at 18:35

Glad to hear it Harry --- and Happy 50th this month!


Comment by Harry on August 3, 2012 at 6:49

As an update


The physio has helped & I have stopped using the Tens machine. I have started using dumb bells & started to stretch & rebuild my should muscle – I have been told I have lost over 50% of the muscle.

The other thing that had an immediate effect was going swimming, probably the stretching in the water helped.


Comment by Harry on June 20, 2012 at 18:51

Thanks Cher & Kev.

Cher I will try the cranial sacral physical therapist as suggested.

I am really sorry to hear about your whole & hernia, its sounds painful & you of all people don’t deserve it, I had hoped you were recovering well. Still you sound optimistic so I will keep my fingers crossed for you & think of you on the 17th.

Glad to hear your keeping busy, getting back to a normal existence is so important for all of us, or as near as dam it!

The big 50 is in August, so I have made it this far, now for the next 50!

Take care & keep me posted.


Comment by Cheryl Kerber on June 17, 2012 at 23:13

Hey Harry -- first of all - Happy Father's Day!  I haven't been on the site much as my kids just got done with school last Friday - and we've had graduation parties and a family wedding this weekend --- not that I'm complaining since I'm glad to be here.  On top of that - I have to have surgery again July 17th.  I do have a hole in my left side muscle where my incision runs - and I've developed a hernia - and well, with any coughing or sneezing - I feel like it just stretches and gets bigger.  I know it won't be as extensive as last July's surgery, but you know how it goes - any type of surgery is not an exciting thought.  Biggest draw back is the blood thinners - they want me to stay on them and would rather deal with bleeding than with clots -- I get that - it's just kind of taking a step back again :(     But - I know it needs to be done before any further damage to my insides happens.

So - I've been a tad busy with meeting with all the doctors, surgeon, etc., - and I'm doing some physical therapy to strengthen my core muscles as best I can as they say it will help with the healing.

Now, onto your question -- my physical therapy group works in the cranial sacral area - not just the standard here is some exercises now go work on them kind.  They all serve their purpose so I'm not down talking any of them.

They deal with the facsia -- you'd be best to look it up on the internet, as I wouldn't be very good at explaining what it is.  But they also can work with scar tissue - which I'm sure you have.  I don't think we can prevent muscle atrophy as the nerves are severed with our surgeries - but they may have suggestions for strengthening others around it and take less pressure off of them.

One other thing - my first surgery in 2004 severed from under my left chest, under my left arm, and up around into my left shoulder blade area.  It does take time --- I would say it was 2 years before it lightened up for me then.  But there are still times which I'm sure is the scar tissue issue.

See if you can find a cranial sacral physical therapist - it will seem like they are doing nothing - but they work wonders.  My left knee has been stiff for months, I just saw them on Wednesday after not going for 6 months(due to cost of course) and pressed on 2 spots on my knee - he said my facsia was pressing on some nerves.  Ever since then - I've been able to move easily and with out pain. Wish they could make my hernia go away - but they can only do so much -- ugh - surgery.

Again, Happy Father's Day - and hope things improve soon.  Do check it out if you can.


Comment by Kev A on June 17, 2012 at 21:40

Evening Harry.

I had bad left shoulder trouble too. This was diagnosed as muscle atrophy.

Can't really advise much of a solution other than just work it as often as possible, thus restrengthening the muscle. The only problem I understand is, after a while the wasted muscle/tissue damage can be become permanent. I'm young so I think I had an advantage and managed to get over mine fairly quickly.

Good luck.



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