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Well I'm home after a hemi arch repair and single artery bypass graft.  Bit of a roller coaster, off my head hallucinating for a couple of days followed by listening to two docs discussing me at the end of the bed to glean that I bled post op, needed massive transfusions of blood and frozen plasma and apparent had a cardiac arrest to boot!  I look forward to a debrief with my surgeon at my post op appt.

Developed AF after a week (apparently common) but unfortunately developed a severe allergic reaction to the drug they gave me, brilliant Mick Jagger lips, goldfish eyes and hives everywhere so once that had settle down I was cardioverted successfully.

Got home after 2 weeks but have been a bit breathless so ended up back in A&E with suspected pulmonary embolism.  Got the all clear and came back home last night about 12.30  Dear God you need to be tough to get through all this.

I'm just starting antibiotics cos the leg wound looks sloughy and infected so fingers crossed that settles down.

I think I've just turned the corner emotionally and stopped bursting out crying every 5 minutes wishing I was dead, I'm now fairly convinced I'll survive!

Things are tense in the house, I feel sorry for hubby I'm sure I'm driving him nuts hopefully things will settle down as I'm doing more and more for myself.

Anyways hope everyone else is keeping okay. 

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Comment by Kimberlee Jones on December 9, 2015 at 16:51

Hi Norma, so glad to finally hear from you. I completely understand what you are going through.  I was in and out of the hospital for six months. Don't rush the healing, just listen to your body, you will heal and you will have a new norm but you're alive! Now don't forget to live. This is the place to vent, cry, get angry, the mental healing is the hardest and we will be with you through it all.

*hugs* hang in there, you are a survivor!



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