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Pain clinic was a total waste of time!

I put off going to a recommended physical therapy place by a friend who helped me through my first surgery, because I did research online and found a pain clinic that sounded like a fit for me.  I'm still trying to deal with post surgery effects - especially my sciatic nerve and my legs.  I'm 12 weeks post, have cut down to 1 or 2 pain pills a day from the original 12 - back on the treadmill (granted not more than 2.4 at this point for a half hour) but it gets my blood flowing and helps me loosen up and not hurt so much.

The nurse was running late so believe it or not, I sat in the exam room for an hour in the gown.  Several times I thought I'd just leave.  But chicken me, I didn't.  (plus deep down I was hoping to finally get help as it took 3 weeks to get an appt with this place).

She finally came in, asked me about my pain - then told me I was addicted to my pain pills.  She didn't even listen or ask about my surgery, nor did she even examine me.  I told her that the pain I have isn't stabbing - beyond the electric shock feelings I get where my incision is -- but that it radiates out from my spine and gets to the point of all I can describe is crawling out of my skin.  Then she tells me again, that I'm addicted to my pain pills.

I tried to tell her that I've had this pain since my first surgery -- and I haven't been on pain pills until this last surgery on July 7th.  Some days are better, some days are worse (barometric pressure changes, full moon, if I've over done it either that day or the previous) - so it varies.  I don't wake up and pop a pain pill.  If anything - I get withdrawal symptoms when I take the pill.

I left and cried all the way home as they just didn't listen.  Oh, she did give me a referral for physical therapy as I was walking out the door --- but that is what I thought I was going for in the first place -- not a piece of paper saying I could come back and get physical therapy --- I could have gotten that from my MD over the phone as he knows way more about me and my situation.

All night it bothered me - and this morning - I got up and realized that it wasn't the practitioner --- they probably really do help people --- but it was the time.  Time is money -- -she didn't have time to listen.  She assumed she knew me and progressed to "diagnose" me, without really looking or listening to me as the patient.

Oh, and get this --- she offered to prescribe me a different pill --- or refill my pain pills (ahhhh not!! --- if I needed that I would ask my GP).  So here she's telling me I'm addicted to my pain pills, yet she's going to give me more? or try to get me on something else?


Now mind you, I've had alot of phenomenal Doctors and Nurses throughout the last 7 years dealing with my AD --- but this wasn't one of them.

Somebody else probably has a totally different view point of her/the doctor, and this pain clinic --- but for me, it led me to question why I had to waste those 3 hours.

I'm on a mission now -- not sure where it will lead, but our society has to change.  Not everything can be cured by surgery or drugs.  Yes, my aorta needed both - I'm not arguing that --- but time/money vs. listening/healing - are counterparts and it needs to change.

Thanks for listening --- maybe this is part of why I have had to go through what I have the last 7 years - who knows - but obviously I'm here for a reason (and first and foremost is my kids/husband and family) but there is something with this medical stuff - and until I figure it out - I feel like it will just keep perpetuating until I do.

And yes, I have a call into the pain clinics patient services --- my insurance company will pay for my visit, but I don't think they deserve it.

Not to mention how I like that they can waste an hour and a half of my time (I had to be there 30 minutes prior to my appt or I wouldn't be seen) before they actually saw me --- when they threaten that if you don't cancel your appt 24 hours in advance - you will be charged for the visit!

Wow - what we put ourselves through because we are desperate for help --- but I'm finding that you have to trust your gut, and don't fall for the bells and whistles. 

Thanks again,








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Comment by Cynthia Lind on January 4, 2012 at 23:43

Opps! hope I pushed the forward button by mistake since I seem to have dissapeared my story.  Anyway, my natural practioner put me on a totally nontoxic pharmaceutical grade all nature pill and my cough is just about gone.  I ditched the Advair the day I left the hospital.  Meanwhile my heart was

racing.  It felt like I had a hose forcing the blood through my system and 12 days after leaving the hospital I went to emergency because my pressure was 153 during the night.  In emergency I was switched back to the blood pressure medicine I had taken since my dissection in January 2011 and my blood pressure dropped back down to under 120 within a short period of time and has remained stable since.  I found out from the emer68 agency room doctor (who read the notes from my early November admission into the hospital) that when I mentioned I had a cough the doctor on duty decided it must be my Metoprolol which is why she changed the medicine.  If she had just read the records from January 2011 she would have learned that I had the cough than too and the hospital reports said I had the lungs of an 89 year old woman (I was 68 at the time and a former smoker).  It also said there was evidence of chronic pulmonary problems. 


I do everything my doctors say and I fuss when they try to change something that is working but again, my naturapathic doctor, who seens thousands of patience, many who come to him after having been put on many medications with out restoring their health in the traditional system, he is the one holding me together. 

I don't want to sound too confident since I'm not.  I still have to deal with this blocked carotid artery with a dissection butting up to it.  Both Cleveland Clinic and the University of Michigan (top hospitals in my country) was to 'wait and see'.  I just pray that what my natuaral practioner is doing will prove to resolve the problem.   I wish I was more able to move around this site since I seem to land in locations more by accident than intention.  Do you use your email address as well?  or the site only to communicate?

Comment by Richard Deal on December 19, 2011 at 10:38

this is the same old story cheryl - doctors prescribe pills that take away the symptoms, but have no idea in some cases what is causing the problem in the first place. a bit like repairing a leaking pipe inside a house by installing a channel leading to the outside. i have a friend who swears by homeopathy - which i believe is not a viable answer (although when he got me to take sulphur on a road trip my life long collection of splinters in my hands miraculously eased themselves out) -  and i have a chinese friend who swears by chinese medicine - also something i am not sure about, mainly because i cannot imagine taking powdered up animal parts, strangely though i have no issue eating haribo ;)

one thing both of these "medicinal" artforms have that is sorely lacking in "conventional" western medicine though is an awful lot more discussion about your life and lifestyle and relatively little focus on relieving symptoms... cure the problem in the first place and the symptoms go away too.

have a wonderful christmas and new year! take care,



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