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Seems like I am not quite as close to "the end of the beginning" as I thought!

Yesterday my temp  went over 38C which started a few alarm bells ringing.  I had been expecting to go home but perhaps I was unrealistic.  Now it looks like i'm here for the weekend.  I'm am now on antibiotics and have been put in isolation as my stools had been very loose.  They are worried about the usual seasonal nasties like Nora virus.  It's a pain but rather safe than sorry.  Problem now is that I cannot get any exercise as I am confined to my room. still it is quite a nice room.  Just hope they don't forget I'm here!

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Comment by Richard Deal on February 14, 2011 at 19:08

hey david,

i was readmitted to hospital a week after being discharged from convalescent care with a temperature at 40.1 C. to this day nobody knows what on earth caused it, but i had to swallow an ultrasonic probe before they would even consider releasing me - which was a week later.

like everyone says, including you, better safe than sorry... keep the chin up, not far now!


Comment by Graeme on February 7, 2011 at 10:51

Hey David

welcome back... !! Sorry have not popped back in sooner but have been away and travelling a bit.. glad to hear your on the mend..albeit veeeeery seems to be the case with all of us! The MAC truck will eventually fade to a white van then a smart car then a bicycle bell...sorta.. :-) Don't worry about the indegestion - I also had it really bad plus terrible constipation..the docs said that your tummy and digestive sytem is really terribly put out by the general anaesthetic and in a way 'dies' and can take up to 3 months to get back to normal.... so it is "normal" if anything in this crazy post AD world is "normal" - so you take care and get family and friends are the most important things right now!





Comment by Kimberlee Jones on February 4, 2011 at 21:13

Hi David, sorry about the lengthened stay. But it may be a good thing. Almost 3 weeks after my release I was rushed back to the Emergency Room, with an extremely rapid heart rate(our hearts don't like to be mucked with and sometimes do that, hence the external pace maker wires right after surgery, unfortunate for me, my heart waited awhile to show me it's dislike). So another week in the hospital for that on some pretty strong drugs to slow my heart down. Was once again discharged(this time my baby went home with me.. so I'm happy now!) and about 3 weeks later(yet again) I was rushed back to the ER, with extreme pain in my chest and left arm, doctor said I developed a leak on the other side of my for me another week or so in hospital.(no surgery just monitored) Go home again and yet again about 2 weeks later I developed a staff infection in the lower part of my scar(which resulted in a nice size hole that I had to change the gauze and keep clean once home), so another week or so in hospital on IV antibotics and discharged home with antibiotics. So not done yet....another couple of weeks go by and I have severe pain under where the hole is in my scar, back to the ER...turns out as the tissue was healing it was adhering to the lower bones in my ribcage, so off to surgery for me, they cleaned out the "hole" and sewed me up nicely.  They sent me home a few days later and thankfully that was the end of that adventure. So moral of the story, sometimes life throws you those little set backs, but you'll make it through those too. Keep your chin up and if they forget your there make some  *hugs*



Comment by Carol Pont on February 4, 2011 at 19:01
Hi David. I am so sorry too hear about the infection. Also that you cannot get going as quick as you would like. How is the walking going. I promise it does get better. Hope you family are all ok as well. Hugs too you and your family. :)


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