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Media beat-up: Comparison between proposed new US medical system & NHS: Week ending August 15 2009

I CANNOT let the current "media frenzy " over the stupid, boorish, ill informed remark from Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, a recognised critic of the NHS go by unchallenged.

I refer to his interview this week on American television regarding the difference between the NHS and the newly planned (and extremely controversial) American health system in which he (Hannan) said that he "would not wish it on anybody" (The NHS).

Let me say - pure and simple - if you want a splinter out, or you have cut yourself, or even a broken ankle - the NHS is NOT the most receptive and responding/efficient health system. However, go into it under a blue light with a medical emergency and I found it the most efficient, modern, and professional life saving medical system in the world. - I have lived in many countries during my life (including the USA with it's greedy, insurance driven, litigatious, ambulance chasing, commercially opportunistic private health system) and my comparison is well balanced by someone that has used them all. The NHS ROCKS!

Graeme Archer
15 August 2009

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