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It has being a long time since I was here. I had a turbulent period on my job and the stress factor was very high. But me and my team stand ground and solved the situation. It's much better now. The price I have to pay,was an increased blood pressure.

Anyway. I haven't forgot this excellent site. I celebrated my first re-birth anniversary at May 11:th. I ran two 6 hours race. One in March and I missed he marathon distance with 206 meters! Arrgh! But I got my revenge in the beginning of April the I managed to run the Marathon distance. A huge victory for me. But got problem with my knee and later on I did a arthoscopy and remove a part of my meniscus. Now I'm on rehab, but I count to start up the running in a few weeks again. My BP is nowadays real good - around 110/70.

For the moment I on vacation and enjoying the life. Yesterday I finished my own project. To build a web site about aortic dissection ( Sorry friend. It's only in Swedish. I built this site just to pass information in Swedish. There is no such information about AD in my language. Of course there is link to this excellent site.

But when I got my AD, I search for information and couldn't find any relevant information in swedish. Except som sites which most was on Swedish medical language and hard to understand. My web place is supposed to get relevant information to those who have an AD and to their relatives. And be a link to other places on Internet (like this).

To day I will visit my physiotherapist and I shall do a test with running. Exciting.

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Comment by Stefan Manning on September 8, 2013 at 18:51

Yes, truly I busy with training and jump aorund to diffrent AD forums and check for any news. But for the moment I can't run (meniscus and artrosis and is on rehab). I have to keep with bicycle and swimming. It consumes more time than I can imagine. I will try to get an english version of my site, but now I don't have the time. However I plan to add a section about cholesterol on my new site.

In fact -my teamleader at my job has read my website and his comment was: "Now I really understand, what's happen with you and what you're going through now. I couldn't understand this aortic dissection really was. Now I'm crystal clear about it." I think it was a really good score on this...  :-)

Comment by Nicola McMeekin on September 7, 2013 at 10:54

Great to hear from you again Stefan, you are certainly keeping active with the running, great to hear.  The Swedish site sounds like a very good idea, it is so nice in the early days, and later on, to be able to access information that is understandable and not geared towards medical people.


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