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I notice several of you have problems with circulation in the leg.  I also suffer with this.  After walking a distance, my left leg will burn as if I just did 200 leg squats.  This is a condition of the AD causing this lack of circulation to the leg!  My GP put me on neurotin for this which made the pain about half as bad.  They have no intention of doing any surgeries for my AD or for the leg.

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Comment by Jim Sanquedolce on September 6, 2013 at 8:27

Sonya I know this is  going into  September,  as far as "what" is  going  on  exactly is  at issue here?   often folks  "save  water"  after  Issues or  surgery,  and  folks  who also suffer  "Congestive  Heart  Failure" as its  called in the states  which due to insuffciantcies fluid  builds up  around the heart and then also  (down the  feet)  simply because  YOUR  pump isnt as able to pump as it was...  There  is  also  Periferal Artlery disease cause by   our old  nemisis   "PLAQUE"  globbing  Up your  blood  tubes  (Plaque is  leftover  "bad"  cholesterol and fats and stuff) though I would  usually  expect that in  elder folks,  we  who  smoked  for many  years  can  expect the  worst.. :)  (smoking  makes the  goopy  plaque harden  which also  promotes  the Inner  arterial walls  to  harden.....  folks  who  have  diabetis  also  have  VERY  similar issues and  the  disease  does  as much  to stop  circulation as anything,   I shoud also mention MY own  situation after  MY  Assecnding  Aortic  Blow out in 2009   The  very  earliest thing they did was a CT  scan  looking  for  secondary   anuerysms, Mine  were  found/located in the  Popilteal  artery  which  is the step down  after the  FEMORAL  artery  ( behind the knee)...   swelling in  the  foot ould be a few things  typically  anuerysms  dont  feel.. I can  tell you, prior to  having  my dissection  i had  issues  walking  for me  it was  cyatica like  sticking   a knife into my right  buttocks but  no more ...

Comment by Julia Holley on June 25, 2013 at 21:17

Now I thought it was just me.  It has not changed or got any better during the three years since my surgery.  It has caused me to put on weight too as I cant walk far enough to be meaningful in that direction.   I will ask the specialist when I see him next.  Keep you posted.   Julia

Comment by Sonya McLendon on June 25, 2013 at 19:39

Julia, I know what you mean by it comes and goes.  I can sit for a few moments, feel fine, then start walking and hurt again!  From what I've seen, this is something that hasn't been touched on in the research and will have to be dealt with by us as individuals.  Thank you both for your input!

Comment by Gregory Smith on June 19, 2013 at 9:36

Yes I too have this in my left leg, mainly the calf muscle. The hospital did a total MRI scan and came to the conclusion there was a partial blockage in the artery feeding the muscle. I was enrolled on a 'claudication' course at the hospital which involved regular and specific exercises to encourage the blood to find alternative routes to reduce the problem. This seems to have worked to some extent but is not a cure. I still have problems but they are now a lot less severe.

Comment by Julia Holley on June 17, 2013 at 12:42

Yes Sonya, I have the same but in both legs,  I do not have to walk far and then it starts and goes away if I stop walking.  When I start walking again it returns.  It makes walking a very trying exercise for me.  I have had surgery for my Ad 3 years ago and still have this problem.  My GP is disinterested.  Swimming works better for me.  Julia


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