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After joining this site and reading and posting here for I do believe well over a year now, I've noticed so many people state how much trouble they had finding support after their ADs. The support that is so very needed. Being able to calm your fears by talking with others that truly understand, the ability to ask "Hey is this normal" or "How do you..." Most of all knowing your not alone. But thanks to one man we have that place! A place where we can share our stories, a place we can vent our frustrations and fears, a place we can calm our minds and our souls. A place where we very much become a family of survivors and life long friends. I'm not sure I would have ever been able to quiet my brain without all of you here. You have all patiently answered any questions and even put up with my venting and bad So with that said, Graeme I hope you know how much we all thank you, you have brought peace of mind and much needed support and understanding to all of our lives. You my dear man deserve a mighty applause and standing ovation and let me be the first to say "Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!"

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Comment by Graeme on January 17, 2011 at 17:09

Aww....Shucks... For once this garrulous 'OTT' Australian has been embarrassed (and NOTHING to do with the English cricket team either ....)  :-)  ... thanks guys! It has - and continues however to be a labour of love as is our sister site MHV and even though they eat up a lot of my time - I love what we have here! but.. my SOH (SIGNIFICANT other half!) Nikki is is my light and truly my inspiration that got me off my bum and got this up and she deserves 'mucho' credit as well!


Anyway - lets all have a MUCH better 2011 as frankly 2010 was a bit 'ordinary' for many of us... so wishing everyone all the best for a FAB year!





Comment by Richard Deal on January 16, 2011 at 22:14

this isn't just a thought, this is a well placed truth... at the risk of getting all back-slappy and emotional i will join in with the thank you chorus!

cheers graeme!



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