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I keep loosing my story so for now 'hello'

Thankyou all for welcoming me. I have just lost 2 long posts. I am not very good on the PC so for now its just 'Hello' again !! and thankyou so much for welcoming me. Maybe my previous posts will turn up. I am Brenda and at the moment feel a bit of a calamity. I experienced the start of my story with Aorta dissection on 5th Oct 13 when a tear appeared in my descending arch. Now 1 year on I am more than ever wanting to know about other people as survivors and their life after AD so am so looking ahead to reading all your blogs. Hello is my most wonderful word - so hello again to you all. Brenda

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Comment by Jim Sanquedolce on November 22, 2014 at 9:00

Hi Brenda  Welcome !!  I'm  a  little  late  checking in,  for Me, My  5 year  anniversary  was  October 8th 2009 although I would have been  coming  out in early November.  however  My  Graft  is Ascending  from outside the Valve to  the  beginning of  my Arch... My Vascular  surgeon wanted  to do a Popilteal  Bipass while  I was In  in 2009, But I suspect  it would  have killed me, as it was  Trying to get me up and about was near impossble... One thing   You'll notice  is  that quite  a Number of these  anuerysms dissect this  time of  year... In  fact  I was  reading  yesterday someone  Here in the states  was speculating That  it was  due  to  flu....  I know  I did  not  have a flu when My Aorta  dissected...anyway   Welcome....  Jim 

Comment by Gary Davis on October 16, 2014 at 21:24

Hi Brenda, and a big Hello.

This time 4 years ago I was just coming out of ICU after my aortic arch repair. I do not think about it much these days, just take the tablets, look after myself and live each day as it comes. Any questions just ask, all are here to help.


Comment by Angela Kirkham on October 11, 2014 at 12:16

Hello Brenda- another fortunate survivor of Aortic dissection. I am just approaching 4 months since my dissection and am just thankful to be here. It's very reassuring to see that other people are surviving well after the surgery and does give one hope. I hope you are progressing well. I find I feel tired some days  but am improving all the time. Onwards and upwards I think should be our mantra!!


Comment by Kimberlee Jones on October 10, 2014 at 12:25

I do believe everyone here has shared their story. Some of us years ago.  December will be 9yrs since I dissected.  I was 34weeks pregnant and the only symptom I had was a bit of pressure in center of my chest a bit like indigestion. The only reason I went to ER was because it wouldn't go away and because I was pregnant to a lot more cautious.  I dissected from valve to about mid arch...almost 9yrs later and while life is different prior to my dissection it is way more beautiful!  *hugs*


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