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Hello again from the great North West of the USA. I Hope all is going well for all of you.
This summer has not been the best for myself. I was just getting used to the fact that I cannot do all the things that I used to do and was quit comfortable with the changes. I had gone back to the job I had done most of my life (road construction) as a paving foreman on large scale  projects. This went well for a while until the company began to continue to add responsibliltys to the point that I was not able to effectivly control my blood pressure. I had to resign my possition. Before the two weeks were over I ended up in the ER with extremly high blood pressure and chest pains due to increased pressure on the job. I spent the night in the hospital and was ok but could not continue the job. I took a couple of weeks off and was offered a position with less stress. Yesterday I went to the pre-job physical and was told I could not even take the thirty minute test. This kind of floored me since I have never in my life not been able to do the job I have always done. needless to say I am a little bummed thinking I will not be able to work in this field until I retire about 5 years. It has been suggested that I apply for complete disibility. My questions is, are there members who have applied for and recieved disibility benifits due to thier AD condition, and was it a hard dicision knowing that you had to let go of one more thing in life due to this condition? Needless to say I am a little scared about what will happen in the next couple of weeks. If any of you have been in this situation or just have an opinion, suggestion, or just some supporting words I would love to hear from you. It has been just 24 hours and I am a little lost. Sorry about the negetive news. Other than that it has been a good summer in Oregon and with many camping trips as well as family events it has been fun. Again I hope all is going well for all the members on this site and hope to hear from you soon. Wayne.

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Comment by Kimberlee Jones on August 25, 2014 at 11:23

Wayne you will do amazing! Look what you have already survived!!!! The good thing is there are a million hobbies out there and trying to find one takes time in itself. For awhile there my hobby was trying new



Comment by Wayne Settje on August 25, 2014 at 0:12

 Kimberlee, thank you so much for responding to my question and giving me some information and supportive advice. Just as you I have also worked since I was a young man. It is very difficult for me to just except that I can not build roads any more. It is what I have done for years and I am very good at it. I will apply for disability on  Monday and hope all goes well there, thanks. I will also take into consideration a hobby. This will be hard because all the hobbys I have had in the past were physically demanding and I have given them up. But I am sure there is something out there to occupy my time. Once again thank you for your support in my time of confusion I am glad to see you have come to terms with this condition, it gives me some hope. Wayne. 

Comment by Kimberlee Jones on August 24, 2014 at 12:47

I have applied for and now receive full disability(also live in USA).  It was not an easy decision I had worked since I was 16 and was only 31(way to young to permanently retire) I went through the same stages as grief, it is losing a big part of who you are. I was wife, mom and employee and was now just wife and mom(don't get me wrong I love my role as mom and am happy I get to be stay home mom) but it took years(and a battle with depression) to completely let go of the employee side of me, I had to find something to replace that, a hobby a group or something! Luckily I decided to home school my children so now I'm teacher.(tried crochet and other crafts, etc) So my advice is one find a hobby you can enjoy to take place of the job, find a role to fill that role(you may be stronger than me and be able to completely mourn the loss of employee, some people are) Second be prepared for a bit of a battle...on average it takes 3 years to get approved for SSD(Social Security Disability) You will be denied 2x and you will need to get a lawyer(get one that only collects if you win) and go to a hearing. There are exceptions to the 3 year game, but a friend of mine, her husband lost his leg(diabetes) and it took him 3 years and a hearing. Just don't give up and remember the important part of this decision is your health, if your job is going to more than likely kill you, it's time to go fishing(or golfing)


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