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Home at last!   Seems quite strange to be home again after all this time.  When I last left home I thought I would be back in a couple of hours, not three weeks later!  As David was saying, it takes some getting used to managing without the support of a dedicated medical team.  I've had a couple of walks around the house today but have felt quite tired and have rested quite a lot.  I guess it's all quite a shock to the system!  I have the district nurse coming tomorrow to test my INR but she made it quite clear this was going to be a one-off!  I am also seeing my GP in the afternoon so I am hoping to get my future care plans sorted out.  How do you all manage your INR levels?  I am thinking of getting a home testing kit so I don't have to keep getting blood tests every few days.  I am worried that until my life and diet settles and I am off the anti-biotics my INR will be all over the place and I will have no means of controlling it.

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Comment by Cheryl Kerber on February 15, 2011 at 16:22

 Congrats on going home David --- it's like seeing the light at the end of a very bumpy tunnel!  All my best as you continue to move foward, improve and get stronger.

If you get a chance, could you check out Garry Kearsley's blog - he just joined and he stated that he had had a stroke and I thought maybe you could relate to what he is going through, on top of finding out about his aneurysm.

Again, I'm so thrilled you are on this end of your surgery --- I'm sure you still face challenges and I'm not discounting that just because you've gone home.  But there is also a sigh of relief as the week leading up to your surgery was a tense one.

Take care, and post Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!


Comment by Carol Pont on February 11, 2011 at 14:33
Hi David. Welcome home. The next days weeks and months will be crazy. Take life a day at a time. Both mentally and physically. Have regular walks when you feel like it, and sleep when tired. Like kimberlee my valve was repaired not replaced. Listen too your body and your mind. Chat soon. Carol :D
Comment by Graeme on February 11, 2011 at 10:01

Hi David


and welcome home! Yes it is strange and takes a bit of settling down again.. Take it easy and let nature take its course..its going to be a while - a long while before you get your mojo completely back but in the meantime let your body set its own pace... walking is good.. even if a couple of hundred yards at a time... and yes post op and new warfarin influenced eating (don't call it a diet - thats a trick i learnt!) will take time to settle down..there's some good advice from members for warfarin over on   Basically for the first 6 weeks or so i had my local gp do my warfarin testing then transfered to my nearest NHS phlebotomy clinic for my ongoing tests... getting a home tester is a good idea but wait until you are really settled with your INR which could take 6 months or so plus.  Im a bit of an oddity as i have not got a home tester as my INR is really that stable now (mostly) and i can tell if its playing up (extremely rarely) so i only get my INR tested every 6 weeks or so and its always in the range of 2.8 - 3.2 which is my set range. As to food.... leafy vit k veg intake must be watched - such as spinach, advocado (which i love) etc - there a list on the MHV warfarin thread.. and dont drink cranberry juice either!

It all looks pretty daunting now - but don't worry - you will get used to everything very quickly...!


take it easy - and once again - welcome home!





Comment by Kimberlee Jones on February 10, 2011 at 23:46

Welcome Home!  I'm so happy to hear you made it. Going home is always a good thing, yet at the same time it brings new fears and anxieties. While I don't think the fear ever goes completely away, you will find as the days past that the fears become less and less and you'll even discover that days or weeks and even months will guy by that the fears didn't cross you mind. The rest of your life every little ache, pain or funny feeling will bring back this fear while you sit and question if it is related. Good news is the doctors feel the same way we do, better safe than sorry, so ask questions and tell your doctor about anything that does not feel right.  I can't help with advice about the INR, I was one of the lucky few whose aortic valve was repaired not replaced, but unlucky because after only a few short years I developed a leak in in my valve, it is only moderately leaky so it's the watching game for me.   Again happy to hear your home and remember don't push yourself, take it easy and let those who love you take care of you for awhile. Take things at your own pace and don't over do it. It takes time but you will feel close to normal in time.





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