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To start off I would like to thank the supportive words that all of you have said, it means a lot to know that I'm not alone. Because a lot of the time that is how I feel along with the fact that nobody in my life understands how I'm feeling, both mentally and physically. I'm not the same person that I was before my surgery. Even though my heart doctor adamantly says that I'm as good as new, even better than I was. I try and explain as best I can but it often feels like I can't find the right words to explain it properly.

As far as the physical side of things, if I even attempt to put in a half decent amount of work such as cut the grass or clean up around the house, I am in pain for the next two days like as if I ran a marathon or something. It doesn't matter how hard I try its always the same result. It's also a constant fight to keep my blood pressure at a somewhat normal level. My last reading was 143/100 and my heart rate is usually between 93-100 bpm. I'm on 100 mg of atenolol and a water pill and one other pill I can't remember the name of. Also like I mentioned before 6.5 mg of warfarin and baby aspirin. As a result of my abnormal blood pressure I even gave up coffee and anything else that might contain any kind of stimulant. But nothing seems to work. I'm also tired most of the time, which I'm sure is because of the atenolol.

Now on the mental side of things, it's a constant battle in my head. It's extremely difficult to maintain a positive attitude, since my surgery. I just feel out of place, all I want is to be able to be a productive member of society. The job that I used to do before my operation was in construction. But after my surgery when I got the go ahead to return back to work I tried and tried but ultimately failed because of the 12-14 hours a day and the physical demand while I was at work was far and beyond what I am capable of doing now. It's been about a 8 months to a year since I've had a job. I think about what kind of work I can do instead of what I used to do but I keep on drawing a blank. So if anybody has any ideas on what type of job would be suitable for me, I'm open to suggestions. The only qualification I have are in the construction field, as far as that goes I have been trying to think outside of the box.

Anyways thanks for reading. Unfortunately I only have about a week left because I can't afford to pay for a year membership. But, so far I truly do like this web site.

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Comment by Kimberlee Jones on October 1, 2012 at 17:08

Yes and I still do from time to time. Biggest lesson I've learned is to take it one day at a time and try not to worry about the things I cannot control. I ended up going on disability due to the fact that work for me equaled exhaustion and pain. A huge blow to my ego, but after a couple years of telling myself that alive and on disability supports my family better then me dead and no income! Also like I said talking to others on this site was a huge huge help.



Comment by Bernie Bertrand on September 30, 2012 at 7:39
I was wondering kimberlee, did you ever feel the same feelings that I described for myself. It's the most difficult thing to try to describe to someone who has never gone through it.
Comment by Kimberlee Jones on September 30, 2012 at 0:29

Bernie, finding this site will do so much for you mentally. I wish I could explain how much it did for me. So don't leave us! This truly is the best site for AD survivors!



Comment by Graeme on September 29, 2012 at 15:06


Don't worry about the membership dues. Just keep on communicating with us here. This site is to help us all - and allowances are made regarding membership dues as the cost of running the site is based on a certain percentage of people only taking up the membership donation to cover the cost of running the site which also covers others on the site that are not as in a good a position financially as others. Remember this site and its sister site at the Mechanical Heart Valve Support Group are NOT FOR PROFIT support groups. You are welcome to stay as a member as long as you wish without any cost.... 




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