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Four month update - the cardiologist's verdict

I get really nervous before seeing doctors, so haven't really been looking forward to my latest appointment with the cardiologist. But the news is good.

My blood test results are fine, and I don't have to have one done for my next check-up - the anemia has gone, and my cholesterol is fine. My ECG is "perfect" and my blood pressure is "estupendo", which is Spanish for "fantastic". 

However, as the ultrasound showed, there's still the problem of moderate regurgitation from the not-so-well-angled-post-surgery aortic valve, and it may be having an effect on the mitral valve.  My reaction was to be a bit panicked about this, but the cardiologist says - given my overall health and good habits - it could be years before anything needs to be done, and by then, he thinks there could well be new treatment options. Time is apparently on my side.

There's still a long way to go in my recovery, and I can now do gentle exercise, swim and use an exercise bike if I want to; but just walking is fine. And I can have a glass of wine when I want to, which is also good news. 

I'm still taking a ton of pills (Spain has a reputation for heavy use of medication), but seem to be coping ok with's the list, as someone may find it interesting!

Furosemide (40 mg)

Enalapril (5 mg)

Bisoprolol (5 mg)

Tromalayt (sustained release aspirin) (150 mg)

Lipitor (20 mg)

Omeprazole (20 mg)

My next appointment is at the end of October.

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