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So I had my 6m ECHO today and doc says nothing has changed since my last echo. My enlarged aortic root/aneurysm is holding steady at 5.1 and my leak is still considered moderate. Even better news no more CT scans for me, doc feels due to my age that having an ECHO(now once a year) instead of being exposed to radiation once a year is good enough. He does say if the ECHO ever shows change or I start to develop any symptoms then of course a CT scan will be necessary.


Now let's just hope that my apt. with my neurosurgeon goes just as well. I had a tumor removed from my spinal cord about 5yrs before my aneurysm. I had my MRI done and now just need to see neuro.  I looked over the results(most is a foreign language to me) and it seems I have some disc bulging and other things but they also suggest a MRA due to an accentuated appearance of the vascular anterior to the pons which could be related to ectatic vertebrobasilar vessels(again a foreing language). So instead of googling and scaring myself, I will just wait to see what surgeon has to say.


Take care and I'm thinking of all of you always.



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Comment by Harry on July 3, 2011 at 23:34

Good news Kimberlee.

I wish you all the best, remember to keep the BP low & enjoy yourself!




Comment by Kimberlee Jones on June 25, 2011 at 12:09
LOL   I live in Toledo!!!   I did not know that but hey ya learn something new everyday!  Thank you for the bit of trivia and starting my morning with a chuckle.
Comment by Jim Sanquedolce on June 25, 2011 at 7:21
Kimberlee,  The Ocean  was still  there ( I saw it  at 7 pm....) if  you   toss a note  in a bottle  down there  IT  will  land  On long Island because its in the way, but  "could"  potentially get  sucked into Long Island  sound .lol My  last  vacation  I took  was in  Newport News  and I drove  south on 17 so that I could  say  I'd been  to North Carolina  haha... Your  mentioning  OHIO  and beaches .. did  you know OHIO and the  then  Michigan territory went to war over "ocean  front"   property  hahaha who da  thunk  a war  over  Toledo huh? OHIO  won , but Michigan  made out better   cuz  they  got  "Uppaz"  to make fun  of  by the "Lowaz"....  hahaha
Comment by Kimberlee Jones on June 24, 2011 at 13:13

Summer is going great. We will be heading to North Carolina next month to visit family.  There we will also be able to head to a beach(yippie the Ocean) Ohio is not known for  Also will be going to the zoo's a natural habitat zoo and huge.  Also heading to Bush Gardens(roller coaster park), water park and who knows what else.


You know someday I wanna visit England, but more so Australia(mostly for wildlife). I also would love to visit Scotland and Italy since that is where my family is originally from.  Glad to hear your summer is going well, even with all the rain.




Comment by Graeme on June 24, 2011 at 8:28

Hey Kimberlee...


gr8 news lovely one! I also now only have echos.. seems they do the trick nicely! So hows your busy summer going..we are in the middle of Wimbledon and Glastonbury here in England, that means rain ...:-(  Would not be England without rain for both events! You take care and stay well... and thanks for all your help on the site also ! :-)





Comment by Cheryl Kerber on June 23, 2011 at 22:04

Great news and I'm thrilled for you.  As to the medical terminology stuff - it amazes me that the medical field can even remember all the technical mumbo -- but then again based on my directional ability it would be "the long thing attached to the large pinkish squishy thing towards the back of the boney structured pole running up and down" -- kind of like when I give or get directions -- go to the 2nd right by the red barn with the pink flamingo, turn left, follow to the Amoco (not the Mobile which is sooner but continue to the Amoco)  and so forth.  I do way much better with visual than straight words. 

 None the less - very exciting that they can rely on the ECHO instead of the dye --- anything to keep from injecting non-natural ingredients into our bodies!

I don't blame you for not googling either.

Right now even coming to this site is like sitting in the middle of a teeter totter to me.  I find alot of comfort in reading and hearing from those who understand AD as they have experienced it, and then there is the part of me (because of my upcoming surgery) that relives my own experience and empathetically feels for all those who have written in and have shared their stories.  I can find solace in others successes, but also fear in "wow - could that happen this next time go round?" and "how much can people really handle physically" and "who would ever have thought something like that would happen - like with Harry and reacting to the antibiotic they used". 

I know it is really just fear of the unknown.  There is alot I know about going into this surgery - but it doesn't erase all the fears/sadness though.

I still cry about a minute or so a day when it hits me, but I am able to conquer it way faster than I could even just a couple years back.

I felt bad today because my dad called to check up on me and somehow I got all choked up about not being able to go outside for a couple weeks post surgery, not being able to vacuum for months, fear of having the tube down my throat again and feeling that gag feeling as your body finally decides it doesn't need it anymore but you are too drugged up to understand why you are gagging as they pull the tube out.  Sorry - not trying to be dramatic or overly descriptive - but it's amazing what your brain brings back to the front of your thinking and that just starts the whole lump in your throat and can't talk.  My dad got very quiet.  I took a couple deep breaths and looked at the squirrels chasing each other out my window and it brought me back to the the here and now.  I released (at my dad's expense) and now I probably will last the rest of the day without issue -- I apologized to him because I didn't mean to put a dark cloud in his mood.  He did the Dad thing though "It's okay cuz you are my kid".  And I know you as well as I do, that we feel the same for ours, no matter how old they get!

Reading your post made me smile and brought hope into my heart which I thank you for.  My heart is heavy for Harry knowing Monday will be here all too soon.  I know sometimes the wait is harder mentally than the recovery.  Not that we want to rush into it.  And I realize that I could die in an instant from everything but the dissection -- it happens to people every day.

It's like I'm on a countdown - 2 weeks from today -- what should I get done?  what should I do that I won't be able to do in a couple weeks?  what clothes do I have to use after the surgery?  what meals should I plan for the 2 weeks I'm gone?   and the list goes on and on.

But then I see my smallest Pomeranian - Max looking up at me --- he's my shadow.  He's not going to understand where I went or that I will be back.  He is a bit of an airhead (maybe due to being dropped a few times as a pup because he's pretty small even now), but he follows my feet and protects my shoes.  We adopted him about 3 years ago after he had been given up 3 times and that doesn't include the foster homes he was in in-between.  He's only 5 now - so that means he's lived in at least 6 different places in his short life.  They remind us how important we are, as do our children, family, and so forth which gives us the goal to survive and heal. 

Something we all develop through this whole experience is 'tenacity' and strong wills.

Congrats again on the good news and I will only assume good news from your neurosurgeon also!!!






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