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Thanks for the comments about the meds. I'm now off the Diltiazem and feeling a bit more with it. I asked about the Diabetes risk associated with Bisoprolol / Indapamide combination and Consultant suggested a new modified release version of Indapamide which can be prescribed at a lower dose, so I'm happy with that.
Since my AD happeneded I've been thinking about support group meetings as a possible help, so I finally got round to writing to the Lead Clinician of the Vascular Team at St Thomas' to ask if they would help me set up something at the hospital. I had such a positive reply and they've told me they would be happy to help and that different clinical specialists can present at the meetings. I'm meeting someone from the team soon to discuss the details. I imagine the location will only suit people living in London and the South East but anyone is welcome. So if anyone is interested in coming to a meeting let me know and I'll post any details on this site. Forgive my lack of Facebook knowledge, but is everything on the website available on the Facebook Group and are the members the same?
Also check out the genetic research project on the John Ritter Foundation website. Interesting stuff they're doing.

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Comment by Pauline Prempeh on April 19, 2014 at 20:26

Paul i am glad that you have got St Thomas' involved.  It maybe a good idea to perhaps speak to someone at The Royal London.  I will be interested in attending meetings but I have mobility problems at the moment  An update will have to do,


Comment by Graeme on April 19, 2014 at 13:54

ps Paul. Different members on the facebook page..many from here but quite a few not on this forum...



Comment by Graeme on April 19, 2014 at 13:53

Paul, well done on the meetings with St Thomas. Glad you got the hospital interested.. .I tried that with St George a few years ago and they could not have cared less! Times are a changing! Please keep us all posted!

Happy Easter All.. :-) 


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