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Since i had my surgery on 28.08.10. I keep losing the feeling in my right arm. It lasts less than a minute. Does anybody else have this happen or know why its happening. Thank you.

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Comment by Kimberlee Jones on January 27, 2011 at 22:48
Richard is fine, he excepted a friend request from me yesterday/today. As for David I don't expect we will hear from him for a few days or more. I know he is in all of our thoughts.
Comment by Carol Pont on January 27, 2011 at 21:20
I am thinking about David and his family. Does anybody have any news yet. I know it might be 48 hours before we hear. But the family are in my thoughts and my prayers.
Comment by Cheryl Kerber on January 27, 2011 at 20:28
Anyone heard from Richard lately?  I know everyone has a life -- just checking.
Comment by Cheryl Kerber on January 27, 2011 at 20:21

It's never a waste of time --- even if it's just eliminating the concern.  Been there many times myself - and you are right - better safe than sorry.  Do you have someone there who can help talk to you first hand?  A friend, a sibling?  Sometimes just having someone close by know what you are experiencing can help.  I never wanted to freak out my husband or my sister, but they were the ones I had to turn to and could help me talk through what I was feeling, even if we still ended up at the ER, at least they knew and sometimes when I would get similar pain symptoms, they could help remind me as when you are experiencing it first hand, you tend to forget that you've been through it before.

I hope that makes sense.

It's a pain day for me -- I think mine is tied to the slight thawing we are getting -- it's only like 30 out, but it's been such a long cold stretch, that this feels like a heat wave :)

There is also a front moving in which is supposed to bring us snow tonight/tomorrow -- so I never know if that is what causes it either.

The pain runs throughout my spine and then radiates out - probably inflammation as usual or a pinched nerve.

If you can keep track of what might set you off (after you see your doctor - which why are they waiting until Monday?  I know the hospital is equipped with all the equipment to run tests, but still?), it might help you recognize it again, if it happens again.

Also, can you be more specific as to what you are feeling?  Not trying to be nosey, but more details can help.

I ask because I have found that even additives to foods, like MSG, or phosphates can set me off.  Sugar tends to make me hurt more (I haven't given it up completely, moderation mainly) and fast food like burgers, fries, chips, that kind of stuff -- can make me hurt the rest of the day.

Do you ache?  Is it stabbing feeling?  Can you tell where it radiates from?  My kids would tell me to "quit being such a mom" right about now, but they are all at school.  Also, people think I'm crazy about barometric pressure changes, full moons, humidity and so forth, but my body has become quite the predictor since my surgery.

So, enough from me --- if you are willing, let me know more if possible.  Also, do you know which ribs they removed? and how does your incision run?  Mine runs from my left chest, under my left arm and up around my back shoulder blade area ---- if you get on the internet and type in muscle structure anatomy -- you will see all they cut through to get to your aorta - it's amazing.

I find that my mood doesn't help either.  David Vaughan has been on my mind all day, hoping all went well. 

So, let me know more if you can, and hopefully I can help you get through til Monday :)


Comment by Carol Pont on January 27, 2011 at 19:31
Well i cannot get an appointment with my doctor until monday. First one available. So painkillers have been upped and if i am still in pain tomorrow i will go too the hospital. Hate having too do that if its a waste of time. Better safe than sorry.
Comment by Carol Pont on January 27, 2011 at 0:00
Thank you so much for all your support. I know that its still early days for me on the physical side. Plus on the mental side the why me is harder for me. My fathers type A dissection was found at Autopsy. Plus another aneurysm in the stomach. I was only 19 when he died. Yet i survived. Its a horrible feeling. Yes i have a therapist and am receiving treated for depression. Which is not easy. :)
Comment by Kimberlee Jones on January 26, 2011 at 20:14
My best advice: Yes it could be post op related, the best thing to do here is call your doctor and more importantly trust you instincts. I can't even count my unnecessary visits to the ER post surgery. I follow the better safe than sorry rule. Never feel embarrassed or think that your just paranoid. Most likely it is just some pain and discomfort from surgery. Another thing is I developed a very bad case of GERDS post op. So bad it feels like someone is ripping my chest and left arm apart. Took quite a few visits to ER with test coming up normal(well normal for me) before I would except their diagnosis of GERDS, I never thought it could hurt this bad. Which of course leaves us with the feeling and the this normal is this something else. Something I'm afraid we all have to live with the rest of our lives.  Like Cheryl said trust  yourself, trust your gut. If you can't put your mind to rest it may just be best to get checked out.  *hugs* keep us updated, please.
Comment by Cheryl Kerber on January 26, 2011 at 17:10

Sometimes there are just some really "off" days, but can you at least call your doctor and talk to them about what you are feeling? 

Yes some of it can be just post surgery issues.  But I had several post surgery Emergency Room trips for at least a year and a half after as so many "odd" feelings and so forth would pop up and since we don't know if it is life threatening and we don't want to pass it off, anxiety and concern enters.

They would eliminate any of the major issues through doing a catscan and so forth and more often than not, it would be nothing or they would say it was the anxiety.  One time though it was due to my trying to switch to a different beta-blocker as mine was extremely expensive and there was a so called "shortage" of it.  Big mistake, but there wasn't anything they could detect or fix for me - I had to ride it out and switched back to my original and all those oddities went away.

I can't tell you not to go see your doctor as we just don't ever know --- I still have to question, deal with, and talk through feelings I get now.  I try to trust my gut feel and more often than not, it passes - not always right away mind you.

Is there any kind of counseling you can seek?  as this can play a huge psychological game with your mind and some times they have suggestions or bio-feedback etc., that you can use to cope and move forward.

Don't hesitate to call your doctor if you are comfortable with them --- it's your life and you have the right to ask.  Could it be nothing - yes, most likely --- but what you have wasn't expected either.

Trust your gut - even if they run tests and find nothing - at least you have the relief that it isn't what it could be.

You'll be in my thoughts along with David today --- take care,


Comment by Carol Pont on January 26, 2011 at 16:26
I am not feeling well today. Slept until 1pm today. Having pain in my chest and back. Also strange feeling in my chest. Is this just normal after surgery settling down. If i am still feeling this bad i will see my doctor tomorrow.
Comment by Carol Pont on January 25, 2011 at 0:31
Thank you so much. Yes the food i know so much about. Anymore than half portion now and it hurts. Also the ribs or lack of and where the chest bone was broken. When i wear a bra it is torture. But i know feeling this i know i am ALIVE and that means the world too me.


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