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I have been feeling so well lately, taking on the cross trainer was one of the best things I have done and it really gave my recovery the kick start it needed. I had begun to think that I had reached the plateau of my recovery, which was good, I certainly wasn’t complaining, but deep down inside I was hoping for better.

Since gradually building my time and difficulty on the cross trainer I have really come on leaps and bounds, and the strength is returning in to both my right arm and leg and my core strength has improved no end.

So I think you can imagine how P***** off I was when three weeks ago I found a lump in my right breast, last Wednesday they confirmed it is cancer, I knew much earlier really, I have become very apt at reading health care professionals and most are not very good at hiding their thoughts.

So now to the good news the cancer seems to be contained within the lump and so in the first instance I will be having the lump removed next Tuesday and they will also check my lymph gland to ensure there is no cancer traveling, if all this goes well about three weeks later I will undergo a three week course of radio therapy.

In comparison to my aortic dissection and its repair the odds are very good at this stage, an 80% chance of it never occurring again much much better than an 80% chance of death or paraplegia which is what faced me this time last year.

So as you can imagine the surgeon was a little perplexed when face with a calm woman who asked all the right questions and understood that no one has all the answers and any treatment like this is a journey that we travel a day at a time.

I’ve kind of shocked myself, I didn’t realised how well I have learnt to live in the moment, the worst of all this was telling the family, they are not in the same place as me, so if I happen to ring my 83 year old mother outside the hours of our daily call her first words are “what’s the matter is there anything wrong” so in a way I wish I could protect them all from it, but I’ve now sullied the gene pool and all the females in the family need to know for their own well-being.

This is certainly not a blog to shock or elicit sympathy I hope it helps to give others a more balanced view, we all have to deal with the cards life deals us, every day is special, even today sitting at home with my beloved in bed with an inner ear infection that makes him fall over and throw up every time he attempts to get vertical, he’s cross and frustrated and feels so guilty not being able to rush around after me, but I have taken the p*** without mercy this morning and we have laughed so much I was crying………. Yes todays a good day.

Keep well


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Comment by Graeme on July 29, 2010 at 8:31
Marion..Damn! I missed this as was away! OK. I lit a few candles for us all when away and dear lady - one of them was for you so - I'm a believer in positive vibes and you give them off in buckets! IT IS GOING TO BE OK! I love your positive 'can do' attitude and breezy 'k/a' (think about what the initials stand for!) 'get on with it' way of dealing with life. Go girl! See my email to you just now... why don't we have a yarn one night.

keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of hugs again- to you both..

Comment by Richard Deal on July 20, 2010 at 9:31
hey marion,
woah! i have my fingers crossed that your lymph nodes are hunky dory... show the big c (*blushes* quite apt on so many levels) the door and make sure you lock it on the way out - and don't worry about the gene pool, unless your children start appearing on jeremy kyle!
as graeme keeps saying (albeit in english) - remanum trocare! keep on trucking!


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