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A Survivors Zipper by Kimberlee Jones

What do you see, when you look down at your scar? The one we lovenly
call our zipper.

Are you like me? Are there times you look down and your eyes fill with
tears? Times when the fear comes back and you wonder if the end is near.
Do you sometimes feel like a time bomb that is just waiting to go off?
But without a countdown you feel so very lost.

Are there times you look down with a smile in your heart? Are you like
me and feel blessed to allowed a new start? Like me, are you one of the
lucky few who looks a life through eyes anew?. Do you look down then
look around and see the world and the beauty that surrounds you? Do you
touch your scar, right above you heart, as you watch your children laugh
and play. Then quietly you thank God he wasn't quite yet ready for you
that day.

That zipper as we call it, isn't just a scar, It's a symbol, a reminder that
God is never far. He has opened our eyes to his beauty and slapped us
in the face. It's God's reminder to laugh, love, live until the day he
takes you from this place.

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Tags: scar, sternotomy, wound, zipper

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Comment by Richard Deal on April 5, 2010 at 0:33
nice question...

gratitude, affection, hatred, anger, wonder, sadness, pity, pride, disgust, awe, guilt, horror, happiness... and that is just monday morning in the shower!

i have never looked down and cried (...yet) but i acknowledge the fact that it is an exceptionally emotional part of my body, so who knows what it will manage to squeeze out of me in the future.

when i look down i have to stop and think. no matter what it makes me feel the scar always reminds me of all the doctors and nursing staff that helped me along the road to 'recovery'. it will always be a memorial to the richard deal who died on the 8th of july 2008 and a monument to my (re)birth.
take care,
Comment by Graeme on April 4, 2010 at 23:09
Kimberlee, you should be. In fact, you are already. Take care. And don't stop wondering.
Comment by Kimberlee Jones on April 4, 2010 at 15:30
I'm not a writer, nor am I a poet. So take it easy on me.


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