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On 2nd June, it will be 8 years since my AAD. Everything has been going fine with no problems until January this year. I blacked out at the cardiac rehab gym and was taken to hospital to be checked out. Because of my medical history they were very concerned with my heart, thinking that it may have suddenly stopped beating for a moment but despite all their tests they could find nothing wrong so after 2 days they sent me home. Shortly after, I had a very intense pain in my back, so I returned to A&E where an x-ray revealed that I had damaged 2 vertebrae when I collapsed. The X-ray also showed that I had a growth in my left kidney. Urology confirmed that it was most likely cancer so arrangements were made to remove my kidney. However, before the date arrived, I had a few more fainting episodes and was taken into A&E once again. This time they kept me in for 3 nights but again, could find nothing wrong. My own suspicion was that they were caused by dehydration and lack of sleep. Lack of sleep because I have to keep going to the toilet during the night although no cause for that has yet been established. Dehydration because I had been drinking less to try to control my night-time trips to the toilet. The urology anaesthetist was not convinced and refuses to go ahead with the kidney operation until he is certain that nothing is wrong with my heart. I have been subjected to every known test, ecg, echogram, CT scans, x-rays, MRI scans, blood tests, blood pressure and now I have had a ILR device fitted under the skin above my heart. This device continuosly monitors and records my heart rythms. In the mean time, I have increased my fluid intake and the fainting spells have stopped, although I still have to visit the toilet several times during the night.

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Comment by Graeme on July 25, 2019 at 9:59


sorry been a lot happening and just caught up with your news. My news also on my blog post today.

Cheers Matey

Graeme Archer

Comment by Gregory Smith on September 17, 2018 at 10:49

Further to this, the ILR revealed that my heart rate dropped to 36bpm on one occasion, so later on I had a pacemaker fitted to stop that happening. Eventually, the anaesthetist was satisfied and the kidney operation went ahead on August 20th. It's now 4 weeks since then and my recovery has been slow bit steady.


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