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HI All,

Glad to say I had my 6 month post operative review last week & have been give then all clear, now requiring only annual check ups again.

It’s been a very tough but I can get my life back on track & go back to work in April. More pleaseing I have seen the stress levels lifting from my family, especially my wife since the news.

Each day is still a challenge & never the same, but each day I count my blessings & am thankful to be here.

Life can only go one way from now & I am truly grateful for what I have.

Thanks for your support, it has all helped!



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Comment by Harry on March 8, 2012 at 19:33

Thanks Graeme,

The only insurance i am able to get these days is travel insurance & even then it has to be special cover. Health wise i am covered at work both through insurance, incase of death, & more importantly with private health cover - i couldn't afford to loose it. Maybe theres an angle there for a new job - worldwide AD insurance salesman .....mmmm?

Do you still suffer any effects Graeme? I know i have along way to go yet & am hoping the stamina improves & the niggles subside.



Comment by Graeme on March 8, 2012 at 17:30

Hi Harry, thats great news! 

Don't worry about the memory loss - lots of stress does that to a person.. any person! Seems you have plenty of it at work as well as post AD! Interestingly enough my doctor went to bat for me after op with my job and made it VERY CLEAR that I did NOT have any 'long term health issue' after my specialist gave the 'all clear' after 6 months. I also had an enormous dust up with my Insurance company who in the end 'admitted' that I was 'cured' and that my 'ailment' was not under the catergory of a heart attack - where they apparently place AD's .. interesting heh! I'm due for my 9 year anniversary on St Georges day next month and I'm still classifed as ok with insurance.. (I guess however the 'proof would be in the pudding' so as to speak if I made a claim... there's enough wriggle room in any insurance contract these days for them to get out of it if they really wanted to!) But I left working for 'the man' a long time ago and have worked for myself sice the AD - less stress as well!





Comment by Harry on March 7, 2012 at 22:50

Hi Gary & Cher,


Firstly my voice is back after the surgery & vocal coaching, a little horse but i can cope with that & will improve once i talk more. Being at home i go for days without speaking to anyone other than the wife.

Gary, only had had/have short term memory loss - i.e, will think of something & immediately forget it, or put something down & again loose it - seems to be a trait after the opp, not sure why or what can be done?

Cher, not sure why you have a bulge? I have a scar running down left rear shoulder to just under the breast, but there are no bulges - pretty sure we had a similar opp? Only weakness/pain from lifting or pulling when i forget.  As for the leg i asked my surgeon as my left thigh has been numb since surgery - he said he had probably cut nerves which fan out from the groin incision & that it would take time to heal, if at all.

As for the job, its "SALES" Stress - loads of it. However i have a sympathetic manager & HR team & am due to start part time for a few months whilst doing a job search for a new post. Nobody wants to employ people with long term health issues for some reason - wonder why?  Still on the positive side we have good disability law in the UK so my position is pretty safe.

Take care


Comment by Cheryl Kerber on March 7, 2012 at 15:28

Congrats Harry.  Each month seems to get better.  The mental part seeps in now and again - but nothing compared to the before and during!  I'm at 8 months out and getting stronger (still have issues with the post op stuff -- like the big buldge on my left side where the incision is - the more I get my muscles back the more the buldge sticks out from my ribs on down --- being a woman this doesn't help for clothing of course especially with 3 weddings this summer! --- and my legs still are stiff if I sit for however long my body decides is too long -- don't know if it's from the blood thinners or my meds -- you never know).  But I'm still stronger now than after my first surgery --- just knowing that time bomb is that I'm aware of --- replaced. 

We got a whole new life ahead of us and that's the phenomenal part --- it can be a roller coaster --- but I"m very thankful I've met so many of you via this site.

I know going back to work will only help in making life more "normal".  Hope it's a not too stressful job --- gotta take care of yourself first so you can be here for your family and the rest of us(me!).

Congrats again,


Comment by Gary Davis on March 7, 2012 at 9:51
Forgot to ask Harry, how's the voice now?


Comment by Gary Davis on March 7, 2012 at 9:49
Great news Harry. I found once I got back to work the recovery picks up pace and the fact that I had been through such an event goes more to the back of your mind.

I have been very intersted in the "pump head" discussions here, as I feel that Iam still suffering from some form of cognitive problem, any issues for you?




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