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I had a fall yesterday and hurt my side.

I don't quite know how it happened.  I was standing in our spare room / study tidying up a bit when I somehow lost my balance and fell against the front corner of the wardrobe.  I took most of the impact on my lower left side.  I think my left side (which is my weaker side since my stroke) didn't keep up with my brain!  Even though I was stood quite close I hit the wardrobe with enough force to break the door off its hinge.  Fortunately my wife was at home at the time and was able to help me to my feet. 

I was quite shaken by the fall but didn't feel I was too badly injured apart from a bruised side.  As I am only 5 weeks post-op, Aileen persuaded my that I should get myself checked out at the hospital in case I had damaged my sternum or had an internal bleed as I am on Warfarin.

Aileen drove me to the Emergency Department where I was thoroughly checked out and had a chest X-Ray.  (this whole process took about 3 hours!)  Fortunately, it seems that I had not done any substantial damage.

This whole episode really brought home to me how vulnerable we all are in the early weeks of recovery and, although I thought I was being careful, how a moments inattention can have nasty consequences.  I am probably more at risk than most because of my stroke and because my whole body was chilled to such an extent in surgery, the part of my brain that was damaged by the stroke has not yet fully recovered, so it's almost like I had another stroke.

Anyway, it seems like I am OK apart from a slight dent in my side and a big dent in my confidence.

Time to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!


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Comment by Kimberlee Jones on March 6, 2011 at 4:36

David, first I'm a mom so I should start with the scolding "TAKE IT EASY"  Now that is out of my system, it is a good thing your wife was there to make you go to the ER(even though no damage was done, except maybe a bruised Remember better safe than sorry is always the rule to follow in your life. I'm happy to hear you are doing good and please just take care of yourself and don't push yourself, healing will come and watch out for those wardrobes, I have found they take particular joy in jumping in front of people.




Comment by Carol Pont on March 5, 2011 at 14:21
Hi David. I am so sorry too hear about your fall. Also very pleased that there is no damage done. You sometimes get a reminder that its still very early days. Like Graeme said you should be taking it easy. Sometimes i notice that the medications we take make us unsteady on our feet. Stay safe and well. Carol :)
Comment by Cheryl Kerber on March 4, 2011 at 18:19

I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have worse reprecussions from it.  There are so many things that can happen to throw you off, so don't feel discouraged.  Don't forget that pain meds (actually any meds you might be on) can have side affects that can hit out of the blue just even with a difference of eating, sleeping, etc.,.  Our perception is off whether we notice it or not when we are on pain meds (and even from residual affects from surgery and so forth).

Your whole system has been affected by your surgery so how long it takes for your kidneys and liver and so forth to process everything can be affected also.  It just varies day to day.

And yes, even at 6 years post operation, I found myself in the ER 2 days ago with flipping heart symptoms that wouldn't go away and back pressure/pain.  I don't like going there - I was there for 6 hours and it is just a waiting game of worry.  Even though the EKG came back fine and my bp was fine, it always comes down to the catscan results.  It seemed to take forever for them to get back to me.  All in all, I'm fine, my aneurysm has grown some, but not alarming.  I left feeling the same as I did with what brought me there in the first place and they really don't have any answers, but at least I know that my dissection didn't reopen (3,000 dollars later for peace of mind??  at least until I get the bill :) 

The mental game doesn't completely go away because of what we have, but allow yourself some time and don't look at it as "how long" healing might take, but more of every day is one more day you improved.

I still drop stuff and bump into stuff more than what I notice others experiencing around me, some is from my surgery, some from my meds, and some is just because I might be doing to much, moving too fast, or in a rush --- it just lets me know to slow down a bit (even though my brain wants to go a mile a minute).  It's not easy to accept, but necessary.

I'm so glad you are ok, you have been through enough as is!



Comment by Graeme on March 4, 2011 at 14:16



try and remain 'dent free'! :-) Take it easy... I did not get out of my comfy chair and my bed (both which hurt too much to get out of!)unless absolutely necessary for a walk or toilet stop for at least 6-8 weeks.. so DO take it easy - ok!






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