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Not feeling quite so brave

Of course it's a Happy New Year and we're all extremely thankful and grateful to be here but Norma's post about being a brave little soldier struck a chord!

My type B dissection is getting bigger, despite all the meds, and the Op I was sort of looking forward to to sort things out turns out to be very complicated and risky. So I have to live with the risk of rupture whilst waiting for the dissection to get so big that there is no choice but to operate.

With all that, the thing that… Continue

Added by Paul on January 7, 2015 at 21:55 — 4 Comments

Couple of updates........

Thanks for the comments about the meds. I'm now off the Diltiazem and feeling a bit more with it. I asked about the Diabetes risk associated with Bisoprolol / Indapamide combination and Consultant suggested a new modified release version of Indapamide which can be prescribed at a lower dose, so I'm happy with that.

Since my AD happeneded I've been thinking about support group meetings as a possible help, so I finally got round to writing to the Lead Clinician of the Vascular Team at St…


Added by Paul on April 16, 2014 at 20:00 — 3 Comments

Any medication tips?

Hi Folks,

Now that my vascular consultant has said my dissection is looking quite stable, I'm due a visit to my hypertension consultant and want to ask about different combinations and doses of medication.

The current mix (Adalat, Bisoprolol, Indapamide, Nifedipine and Ramipril) is doing a good job of keeping my blood pressure around 110/60 and heart rate below 55, but I feel extremely fatigued and spaced out most of the time.

I can see from other posts and web searches…


Added by Paul on January 6, 2014 at 20:26 — 7 Comments

Another AD survivor

Hi all,

I've enjoyed reading the other stories on this site, often finding myself nodding along to peoples' observations on their own strengths and weaknesses, the joy of family and friends, and the wonders and limitations of the various elements of the National Health Service.

So, having recently joined it seemed about time to share my tale......

The 19th May 2012 looked like being a good day. I could see I was  getting fitter due to cycling 20 miles a day as I had just run…


Added by Paul on November 12, 2013 at 22:30 — 3 Comments


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