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After my discouraging experience with the new doctor many things have happened: my son 27 year old was in bad motorcycle accident in Chicago on June 4th. Therefore things have been crazy for the last three weeks. He had several broken bones, a puncture lung, lacerated splint and liver. After several days of internal bleeding, he finally left the hospital on Tuesday, June 21st. He was safe from the neck up because he was wearing a helmet TG. 


I was finally able to see the…


Added by Maria Trinidad Herrera on June 24, 2011 at 0:50 — 3 Comments

ECHO today.

So I had my 6m ECHO today and doc says nothing has changed since my last echo. My enlarged aortic root/aneurysm is holding steady at 5.1 and my leak is still considered moderate. Even better news no more CT scans for me, doc feels due to my age that having an ECHO(now once a year) instead of being exposed to radiation once a year is good enough. He does say if the ECHO ever shows change or I start to develop any symptoms then of course a CT scan will be necessary.


Now let's…


Added by Kimberlee Jones on June 23, 2011 at 16:49 — 6 Comments


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