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I'm on the waiting list now for a hemi-arch repair which may or may not include a new root and valve. Good news is that the dopplar scans on my carotid arteries were good and my angiogram showed no blocked arteries - well except the 60% occlusion to one artery that was bypassed 5 yrs ago when I had my bi-leaflet aortic valve replaced, apparently the blood continued to flow thru the narrowed artery and the bypass is now described as "vestigial".  Dont know whether the surgeon will do a second bypass or leave it be.

I'm told that at 5.4cms there's a 10% risk annually of dissection so I'm advised to have surgery now rather than wait.  It'll be 3-4 months before I get a date anyway and by then it'll be coming up for 9 months since I found out about it.  Part of me is saying 'get it over and done with' and another little voice is saying 'forget it you'll be okay for another year' or at least wait until next spring.  Probably daft to wait - what does anyone else think?

I've had conflicting advice about flying, my GP and the cardiac specialist nurse said probably best not to but the consultant surgeon sent a message via his secretary to say short haul is okay. (was thinking about Switzerland my daughter lives in Zurich).  Holiday insurer says as long as the consultant says its okay they will insure me.  Once again I cant make my mind up whether to take the risk, 

Any advice welcome.  I'm presuming it'll be okay to fly once I'm fully recovered from surgery.

Anyway thats where I'm up to, still in limbo.

So glad the websites up again, well done Graemexxx

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I flew about a year after my dissection repair with no problems, except the darn ear pressure everyone can get.  I have heard conflicting answers on this too. My advice listen to the cardiac surgeon, he would be the one with the most knowledge.  I do understand wanting to see your daughter before surgery, but having many many more years to visit is better.



Thanks Kimberley, probably is best to let her come and visit me, she'd only be worried all the time I was out there.  Its frustrating though, its much more exciting visiting her than her visiting me. Just thought of a good idea - I could spend the money I'll save on air fares and insurance on a luxury spa break for us! Oh I'm pleased with that brainwave! Keep well xxx



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