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After my AD last March 2012, I am now going back to employment, and want to start a new career as a tour manager. However the prohibitive costs of travel insurance for someone with a history of AD may prevent me from going further afield than Europe, where the E111 card will still help in an emergency.
Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for companies where they view insuring someone with a history of AD objectively and sensitively, as the majority of insurance 'helplines' seem to be manned by people with absolutely no medical knowledge, and any mention of the word "cardiac" immediately provokes a uneducated negative response?
My heart is as sound as a bell, though the associated plumbing was a little dodgy, to say the least. A genetic 'present' from my father's side of the family with a history of early unexplained deaths, now assumed to be AD related.
Any advice gratefully appreciated. I would like to be able to travel worldwide and see places I dreamed about during the dark days incarcerated at Southampton General cardiac unit!

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Hi John

I had the same problems as you when looking for insurance. I used BUPA insurance in the end, they have their own medical team to determine medical conditions and risks, where as most general insurers use a central medical team who have no idea about AD at all.


Good luck



Thanks, Gary. Good news, John
John I used a company called Staysure. But after my latest event I will need to contact them and see if they will still cover me.

Thanks, Patrick. I've since discovered that all UK insurance companies are required to offer cover from 2014, even though the premiums can be high. The only exception appears to be the Americas, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, but I managed to get a quote today from BUPA for the rest of the world at at reasonable rate. For the Americas I think I will have to shop around, but if anyone hear anything, please post it or let me know. 

Thanks everyone,


Most insurance companies ask about ONGOING medical conditions. If you've had an AD repaired and are now functioning more-or-less normally, then that cannot really be considered ongoing. I always tell them about my high blood pressure and the medication I take to control it. That is usually accepted and does not incur any surcharges.

Good advice, Gregory. Thanks.



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