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Hi All.

Lana has started a new group up called "Those Left Behind" It's title is obvious but its intent maybe is simply a support group for those partners and loved ones of those who did not make it through..and I commend it to all of you, as this whole support group is EXACTLY for that - SUPPORT - Support for those who made it - and support for those whose partners and loved ones did not.



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I think it has a very important role to play in the whole AD arena. Even for partners and loved ones who are lucky (?lol) enough to still have us here with them, it's often easy to forget the shock, worry and, in some cases, huge adjustments they have had to deal with since our ADs. People often asked my family how I was, but didn't think to ask them how they were coping with it all. Just a thought for those who support us still . . . and a massive thought for those who have been left behind.

You are spot on. Our partners in many ways have borne the brunt of the enormous change that our AD's have meant to our lives. We owe - and still owe them - an enormous debt of gratitude. It's not about us in many ways - it's about them. Nikki (my wife) covered this a little bit in one of her blogs:
You take care - you are a special person!





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