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Hi. I am absolutely convinced that the thoracic aortic aneurysm which occurred on the Sinus of Valsalva was caused by trauma I incurred from a car accident some years ago. Three years ago (when I was just 49 years old) I underwent surgery to repair my thoracic ascending aorta, replace the aortic valve and bypass an occluded LAD. I had Bentall procedure. Surgeons could not give any satisfactory explanation as to why I should incur the aneurysm but it seems clear now that the aneurysm caused the LAD to become occluded and the valve to be compromised by overloading. The valve has been proven to be NOT bicuspid (it had 3 leaflets) and I have no underlying vascular disease. The surgeons have ruled out any need for monitoring for any of my family yet seem reluctant to accept the probability that the aneurysm was initiated by a fractured sternum in a deceleration accident some years ago. I realise that the website is primarily for aortic dissection and my aorta was not dissected but I wonder if anyone knows perhaps of evidence that this is a reasonable conclusion to be drawn or maybe somewhere that is undergoing research into aortic aneurysm and trauma.   Regards, Pat

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I do know that trauma(such as an car) accident can lead to an aortic dissection/aneurysm. Mine was caused by pregnancy!  Not all are caused by genetic disorders. I was not tested for any genetic issues either, but I wish they would have.  Just make sure that your family tells their doctors that someone in their family history has suffered from an aortic aneurysm, that is the most important thing.  I hope you find the answers you are looking for.



Hello again it's been a long time. Although all the medical professionals that work on me said the fall I had taken the day prior was not a factor, I still believe it may have played a factor in the dissection that happened.

Pat , Traumatic  Dissections have  been reduced   Considerably  since  the  70's with  the  required  use of shoulder Harnesses in  Automobiles,  I  was a teenager in the states in the mid 70's and  it  was commonly  discussed for  first  reponders ( i was a Volunteer  then...  )  so  Yes  although  not  seen as often as  IN those times,   You  have to  realize  That  Your  Heart is suspended Basicly  BY  the  Vena Cava and  Aorta... its  weight  acts  as a Pendullum, and  can force the  dissection...   I attached   an Xray  serious   Of  a  Motorcyclist who's  Heart twisted    after  impact.....  It happens   he survived  fully  recovered but  quite  odd...  so  I believe  Anything is  possible.....




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