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Hi all.


This is the inquest report on one of our members family  - Zowie Smith - who lost her fiance back in Dec 2010. What it does not say is that Zowie is currently in the middle of a protracted legal case with the hospital for obvious reasons.

Also most tellingly she told me that her or any of her family were never advised of this inquest date and until I alerted her to this article to her she was not aware of it.

Make your own conclusions here....


ps: only an electrocardiogram was done...!!!???   MRI - nope...





ps Thanks Zowie for allowing us to share this with other members... 

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Am I reading/interpreting this correctly ... that the report more or less states that there's no blame associated to the hospital?  Just a natural event that happens?  It gives the impression that there's nothing you can do about it  


"We have heard a specialised report explain what a difficult diagnosis it is to make and it doesn’t find anything that should have alerted doctors to the condition. Once this condition does happen it is described as a catastrophic event and death follows swiftly" - Isn't this just a lazy overview of an aortic dissection? 


He told the inquest there was a slight abnormality with Mr Gibson’s electrocardiogram report and an issue with a rib but neither suggested he could have a thoracic aortic dissection - What does suggest an aortic dissection?  Let's face it there isn't one clear symptom half the time but if you don't explore 'abnormalities' what hope is there to find an aortic dissection? 


One thing that I'm slowly realising now is not how lucky we are to survive an AD but also how lucky we are that someone actually took our initial symptoms serious to start with.  I asked to leave the hospital but something wasn't right with the ECG and the guy/doc said further examination was a good idea.  That was great but then the same hospital dumped me in a corridor and I'm sure if it wasn't for my own intervention that I'd have blacked out on that trolley and gone unnoticed until it was too late.  I know some on here view the NHS as the holy grail of medical excellence but I think there's just too many gaps from satisfactory patient care to unsatisfactory care appearing now.  Around here HRI is no longer the main centre for CT stuff and everything has been centred to one hospital 8 miles away.  With it appears that all cardiacthoracic staff are/have left local hospitals.  Leaving general doctors to diagnose something they don’t even know anything about.  They can’t diagnose something they’ve never heard of – I remember some IRAD guy said.


Anyway – good luck to Zowie with her case.  I can’t see how any hospital has a leg to stand on in a case like this.  Medical mumbo jumbo might appease an inquest but sending some poor guy home, because they haven’t done the necessary tests to enable them to fully find out what’s wrong with him is clearly not good enough and borders on the worst kind of neglect there is in their profession.


Sorry for your loss Zowie and good luck with your case








I just can't believe what I'm reading. They're obviously not very bright in Peterborough, either the staff in the  Hospital or those involved in the inquest.

Woefully inept in all areas. What were the blood pressure readings, both arms? No MRI? That's that about? Saving money? No-one on duty able to switch it on ???????? 

A young life lost and a family grieving and the hospital is getting away with it?!??? That's sick. I'm disgusted.

Heartbreaking for Zowie Smith. My heartfelt condolences.



Reading this makes me realized how lucky I am too be here. I was released from two hospitals after staying in the first one for two days. Neither one of them did a CT scan. Both hospitals send me home with pain killers. The diagnosed? Acid Reflex or stress. In the mean time, I kept training for a marathon because they told me it was not the related to heart. How frustrating and painful that experience was!



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