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i'm searching for anybody who shared my problem, from the surgery i developed a chest hernia and also had a stroke on table, they say its amazing i survived. i thank god every day, any one out there have any of this

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I don't know what surgery you had but I had a dacron insert for a type A (ascending and arch) aortic dissection.

The cardiologist said that most people who have that, also have a stroke, but I was very lucky (and unusual) in that I didn't. So, it seems that a stroke is quite common, but I've no idea what a chest hernia is though...

hi gregory, hope you are doing well, when did you have your surgery? mine was in march of 09, my chest hernia is nothing more than a hernia in the chest region, really not dangerous unless it starts to move towards the heart, surgery is only remedy but i'm not a candidate for it, so i just deal with it, other than that please tell me a little bit of your story, love to hear about it, stay in touch and thank you again for replying to me, god bless..... marc

I have no idea what a chest hernia is.  I do know there is a least one other person who also had a stroke but I can't remember his name currently. I hope you are doing well.



hi kimberlee, hope yuou r doing well, all it is is a hernia located in your chest area, they say it is common among heart surgery patients, after three years ( this coming march) i have learned to live with it, i've named mine Harry, sometimes Harry and i talk for hours at night. Ok, i've officially gone off the deep end, all kidding aside it is something i just have to live with, just thankful to be able to raise my kids and interact with them every day, kimberlee, i want to wish you a happy and healthy new years, and god bless you for welcoming me into your circle, i really needed to talk with others, take care of those beautiful girls of yours, if you go to my facebook home page you can see my three angels, again happy holidays to you and family, love you..... marc

i had a stroke on day 2 in intensive care... luckily for me though no hernia, although a colleague has just has a chest hernia surgically repaired - he is not a member of our exclusive club though.

my stroke was caused by them pumping me full of coagulants during surgery because some bright spark at the work doctor thought it best to give me aspirin before fully diagnosing. I have no residual physical effects from the stroke, although every now and again my left hand decides to do things on its own. my memory also isn't what it used to be, oh and my memory isn't what it used to be ;)

hope that this helps,


hi richard, thanks for writting, i do have residual effects, my right arm and leg were affected, the hernia is something i just have to live with, my Dr. wont let me have the surgery, since i didnt awake for 9 days they dont want me to do the surgery, But for xmas you can get me the book... Home hernia surgery for dummies.:o Take care and have great holiday season, keep in touch...marc


I too suffered a stroke whilst being rushed to hospital for an emergency type A dissection last June. I have been left with reduced movement in my left hand and problems with my memory especially when i become tired! 


hi linda, sorry it took so long to respond to you. hope you r doing well. i have trouble with my right arm and leg, my Drs. say its most likely permenent so i try to get along best i could, sometimes its tough raising my 3 kids but i do  it and love it. hang in there and write.... hugs... marc

I also had a stroke... couldn't swallow or speak for a few days, even after getting out of ICU. I hope that you are feeling better now that some time has passed.

You'll feel the effects for many months to come, but In time, you'll adjust. Reading about the experiences of others has certainly helped me cope. Kids are a blessing, aren't they? Mine still treat me like I'm a precious thing, but I think having to take care of them has pushed me to get better faster.

hi Dale, when did you have surgery, mine was 3 years ago...your right, my kids keep me going, im raising them by myself,so no time to feel bad, my hernia is huge, dr.s wont operate, said to risky for me, my right arm and leg have perm. nerve damage, but it is what it is. up beat and thank god for every sunrise, take care and stay in touch, where do you live,dale? write soon... marc



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