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Hi Everyone.

I don't really know what to call it which is the reason behind the vague title of this post.

But every now and then as i'm walking my left leg will suddenly give way just for a split second.

There's no pain just a wierd feeling of my leg giving way at the knee.

This happens quite a lot but as yet has never been severe enough to make me fall.


My Dissection ran from left subclavian to femoral arteries in groin in 2003 and have wondered over the years if this sudden collapse was a common event among AD Survivor.

I'm not concered about it just curious to see if it's an after affect.

Hope everyones day out there is a good one

Regards Dan.


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Hi, I had my AD last year in May and do have a weakness in one leg which causes me to fall sometimes. My aorta is still dissected right down to where it divides. My leg just feels too heavy some days and I am really careful when out alone and do carry a stick on those days.  Other days I am fine.  I just found out today from my optician that I have had a stroke when I had the AD which is news to me.  I live in Spain and do miss bits and pieces due to the language.  It explains a lot.Nevertheless I do improve as time passes.  The leg thing is a worry though as its a bit unpredictable.

Hope you are well now,   Julia

HI Julia.

Hope your well and that legs not playing up today and impeding you flamenco dancing :o)

I dont think my leg issue is anything to worry about but will keep an eye on it. I can see why you may be a little concerned about yours but try not worry about it and nexttime it gives way just give a big shout out of OLE and stamp the other foot haha..all joking aside tho keep an eye on it too.

did you have a descending dissection? (type B)

Make sure that you keep tags on your blood pressure and if you dont have a blood pressure machine it may be a good idea to pick one up from Boots or local chemist. It doesn't have to be an exspensive one but would recommend the full arm cuff rather than the little one that goes around the wrist.

Hope your well.

Regards Dan



Hi Dan,

Thanks for your input.  I had a total dissection from the aortic root down to the place it divides.  The only bit they repaired is the arch.  It is still dissected from the repair to the divide.  I am struggling with BP (I have a machine, arm type).  I had it under control but its recently gone up again in the day so my GP  has changed the time of day I take them.  It hasnt worked so I guess I´ll be back there this coming week. 

I am always a glass half full person but this is all making me feel a bit glum. Sorry.  I thought it was all in the past but I guess thats too much to hope for. 

That all aside I love Spain, I am an artist, the light here is stunning.  Not much good at flamenço myself but love watching it.  The music, however, can be very wearing when on the radio without the dancing to illustrate it, that sounds a bit potty but you know what I mean!

Good luck with the leg.


Hiya Julia

How's the glass today half full i hope and things are looking up regarding your blood pressure. I'm not sure changing the time of day makes a lot of difference to be honest. has it been any better since you changed the time of day you take your meds?

An artist that's great for relaxation i can imagine you losing yourself at times.

i wish i could draw but unfortunately all i can draw is money out the Bank ;o)

Hope your days a good one Julia

Regards Dan

Hi Dan,

I try to keep my glass always half full -  going back yo GP tomorrow. BP is still high in day and changing the time of the tablet made no difference at all.  I am going to talk to him again about getting to the sleep clinic as I have Sleep Apnea and I know that could be responsible for the high BP.  I have had it for years but I have never been treated for it.  Never know it might be the answer.  I really hope so as I am very worried about it.

As far as art goes you dont need to draw to be able to paint.  I bet I could teach you.  Theres a challenge!!

Cheers and wish me luck for tomorrow.   Julia x



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