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I know I haven't been around for awhile, life got a little busy there for awhile. I am truly sorry if I caused anyone any worry.  So a little update. I moved to a new state and life is happy. I have found a new doctor here and he has sent referrals to both a cardiologist and a cardio thoracic surgeon. Surgery to repair my aneurysm and leaky valve is in my future, we will find out when I see surgeon how near of a future it will be. Part of me hopes soon, living with the fear of the aneurysm popping or dissecting is never fun(although it does occupy less space than it used to in my little but I'm also not looking forward to the recovery, the last one is still pretty fresh in my mind. At least this time I know what is going on and it won't be emergent. So I"m happy to back here and hope everyone is doing great. 



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Welcome back (online home?) lovely lady!

hugs back..



Yep online at home, so I'm back in full force, hoping I can make a difference in the life of at least one 

welcome back kimberlee! good to see you!


Thanks Richard.

kimberlee!!!!!! ive been sooooo worried about you! please get in touch with me on facebook or thru here or call me. 702-837-8730.... thank god you r ok. i shed many a tear for you this past year. im so thrilled to see your post you.......marc

Sorry to cause anyone any worry. But life got crazy and it took awhile to work out.

Good luck Elaine, I know the waiting is so hard. I'll be waiting for awhile though, last ct showed no change, aneurysm is sitting pretty at 5.6cm....not sure how big it will have to get to require surgery. They say since I already had the prior surgery to fix the dissection, I'm higher risk so they are less inclined to do surgery at the size it is at now.  Keeping you in my thoughts.





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