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I was informed by the surgeon who performed my hernia surgery this past July 17th that it's quite common to develop a hernia after the type of AD surgery I had last July.  He said the muscles get severed and nerves get severed so blood flow doesn't travel to the muscle and they start to stretch. 

Lucky for me he didn't have to use a Mesh to fix it as the location was under my left rib cage and he said it would have hurt the rest of my life due to its location.  And he went in through my original incision so I don't have another large scar to contend with.

The muscle had split below my left rib cage and whatever insides were starting to (as he put it) push out like a cauliflower head, he pushed back in and stitched the muscle back together (kind of like they would do in a tummy tuck - just on my side under my ribs instead).  I already had stretched muscles from my previous surgeries that he said noone could restrengthen, and they can't fix those muscles so it was better that I had the hernia.  He said I won't ever have an hour glass figure again - I just laughed as I never really did have one.  And really - who cares when it comes to either living or dieing - what's the worth of having "curves" if only to have them in your coffin.

So now, I have to try hard to not sneeze, cough, laugh too hard, slip - anything that would cause me to strain that muscle as it's healing otherwise I could rehernia it.  There is also a chance it could reherniate on its own over my life as the muscle has been damaged.  Bummer - but for now, it's nice that I can wear something normal to the weddings we have the rest of the summer and I don't feel the hernia stuff rubbing against my rib cage.  And I caught it before any of my insides got twisted or pinched off and it would have only continued to bulge with more pushing out.

I finally got my blood back to therapeutic range so no more Lovonox shots - Woohoo!  Still have the bruises and ended up back in the hospital 12 days later with an issue from everything I was on etc., but all in all, no regrets as really there never is PERFECT TIMING is there.

Makes me appreciate my family beyond words for putting up with what I put them through with these health issues that are out of my control.

Hope all of you are doing good - are on the healing path or back to whatever "normal" might be for you.  It wasn't easy thinking of going back in again for surgery - but the putting it off could have led to something bigger and less fixable or worse - so sometimes you just got to bite your lip and just do it.

Take care,



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Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.. about time that you had a break from all you have been through :-)





I'm pleased that your surgery went well and wish you a speedy and sneeze/cough free recovery.




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