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During one  of my trainings, I met a woman who's husband had an AD a few years ago. While sharing struggles after the surgery, she made a comment about her husband getting "phantom pains". Although I was not sure about her used of the word "phantom", it made me a little uncomfortable because I have experienced the same pain several times. 

A few months after the surgery I experienced the same pain that took me to the hospital before the surgery. It has happen several times after that, and the intensity and the length has increased. It normally starts with weakness of the legs, then it radiates to my core area. The last time it lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. After it goes away, I am fine. 

I tried to ignore the pain, but it is impossible. It really scares me. It has been almost 17 months since my surgery. Have any of you experienced this problem or something similar?

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Carol I understand your fear, you know your dad and other family members are watching over you. They guided you through your AD and they will continue to watch over you. The fact that doctors are aware and are watching you is a great thing, you and the rest of us have a better chance of survival than all those walking around that have never suffered an AD.  Those five people in your family will always be there, watching over you and keeping you safe. Your dad was probably in the OR holding your hand, helping you through this. I'm here if you ever need to talk.




Hi Maria...


Im not sure if this is a phantom pain but sometimes (about once every couple of months max) i get a real weakness/ache in my left upper arm to the shoulder that feels like it is deep in my bones.. it really hurts for about 5 mins or so then goes away.. this has happened intermittently for as long as i can remember since the AD... scared me a lot initally now i ignore it and it goes away as is said... I guess i dont worry about it any more as too busy with other stuff to worry about... (like getting on with ones life!) so not sure if this is a help... but above all I try and stay positive..spoke to the docs a few times but they simply said they did not have a clue... so as I said i left it alone...


hope your good though oterwise and your family is well...! :-)







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