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Type A

Happy to share. 05/Oct 2013 08.45 bent over to straighten dogs bed and felt like I had been shot in right side of chest. Loud whooshing rush in my ears and felt like I had cement poured down my spine. My legs went from under me in an awful numbness but the type you could feel/cold and horrible blown up feeling.

Lucky my son had not yet gone to work and called 999. I believe my wonderful paramedic was responsible for getting early intervention which delayed my death and he stayed with me on my long journey right into surgery at Papworth Hospital UK.

Going east 1st for scan and then travelled west to find surgical team waiting for me into surgery at about 17.00. I was told by my wonderful consultant Mr Dunning that I had about 90 mins to live or surgery. No contest then ? but yes he said gently I did have a choice and told me of the risks but kept re-assuring me I was looking good to go into surgery.

I could not put into words my feelings / I felt an enormous sadness and saw a clear blue sky through a window in my imagination until the bustle of surgery prep returned. Well that's my story and I spent endless nights looking at the clear bright stars in the sky saying thank you.


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Thank you for sharing your story with us Brenda and thank you Graeme for finding it and sharing. *hugs* Brenda you are a true survivor and a warrior.

Thanks for this post Kimberlee.!





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