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For those who don't know I was 34 weeks pregnant when I dissected. In fact over half of the AD cases in women are pregnancy related, usually in 3rd trimester or shortly after birth. 2 percent of pregnancies to be exact result in an AD. Unfortunately in many cases mother or baby or both do not survive. My pregnancy was my 5th and throughout all of my pregnancies up until my AD, I had never heard of AD or even new it was a risk. This has weighed on my mind for many years.  I know 2 percent is not a lot, but still, shouldn't expecting mothers be aware of all risks and even maybe doctors should be checking for this. I want to make a difference, I want my story to mean something, so is this worth getting into and how would I go about making sure that women are aware. What does one do when they are in my position?

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Certainly the medical profession should be made more aware. I don't know if it is possible to test for potential AD in pregnant women - probably not, but monitoring blood pressure regularly would seem to be a sensible option. Childbirth always comes with risks but to single out AD and make women more aware of the very small chance of its occurrence, seems rather pointless given all the other risk factors.

That's the point we are told about all the other risk factors, we know what symptoms to watch for. I don't want the focus to be on AD, I just think pregnant women need to be aware that there is a risk of AD, along with the risk of HBP, toxemia, diabetes, etc.

Agree with Kimberlee here. Aortic Dissection information SHOULD be part of the brief for a pregnant mum on what to look out for in relation to pregnacy/childbirth things that could go wrong. The old saying that you are the best doctor is quite true and forewarned is always forearmed. I do howeve believe that UK hospitals now have a   much more aware understanding of the risk of AD in childbirth now than ever before.





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