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Hi guys.Im 57 years.In 2002, I was on a research project at st Barts.I was no 7 in world to undergo a "catheter maze" to cure Atrial Fibrillation.It lasted till 2007.The initial "burns" healed, and I underwent an updated procedure, which has held fast till present day.

The only effects, can be annoying runs of ectopics.When they become alarming, I visit my cardiologist, simon sporton, who tells me im fine and to go home!

This happened few months back.As usual all was ok.

He was happy that my blood pressure was normal, and to continue with my High Intensity,workouts

which Ive been doing twice weekly for 10 years.

However, he decided to give me a echo.Thats when my enlarged Aorta flagged up.

I saw Chris Young at London Bridge, who told me I have a "modest" enlargement near my valve.

Fortunately, the valve is fine and unimpeded.

He told me to stop the HIT workouts,and was suprised that my blood pressure was normal.Ive had an on off affair with "tiny rollups" for years.There is no family history, of "sudden death"as Dr Young enquired.

Im due for a CAT or MRI next week, plus to check for genetic issues.

This has been a bad time for me.My workouts, kept me sane and helped my depression.

Now, im limited to "cardio" exercise, which is basically of no use.

My work has involved heavy lifting, and still does.Ive tried to maintain fitness, and it may have left me with this condition.

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