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She was recued from a puppy mill in October.  She's a Dachsund/Yorkie mix - about 8 pounds (very skinny - but hoping with good food and love she'll put a little more on).  She's never had a home, nor a family, nor human touch beyond reprimand for between 2 and 3 years (that is how old they are guessing she is).

And yes, she is as cute as this picture (you just can't tell how boney and skinny she is).

I'm starting my new life - and I needed to pay if forward :)

A Very Happy Cher!

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Congrats..she is adorable!

Aww..she is so so SO cute.. :-) We are hopeless with our doggie Kirsty as well - she was a Greek rescue dog from Greece and was terribly ill-treated and was running wild on a rubbish dump for over a year before they managed to rescue her. . She and 26 other dogs were rescued by the Greek Animal Rescue Center (GARC) on Skiathos and driven back by van to the UK to meet all their adoptive families - that was 3 years ago and for the first year she was awfully scared and would not even walk on grass as she never had seen/walked on it before.. so we love our doggie for all the same reasons as you guys... take care of her and give her a hug from us :-)

Graeme and Nikki


Hi Cher,


Hope your well  & your health is improving?


Here is Ruby (right) & Alfie my two dogs. I got Ruby after my first AD to get me out of the house & walking again. Alfie came last year as a playmate for Ruby. I wouldn't be without them & they get me out of the house everyday. They really are your best friend!


take care




Aww the one on the left is absolutely adorable!!  The other one of course is cute too.



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