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Almost a month has past since my Dacron implant.

Unfortunately the surgeon said my vocal chords were exposed for a long time during surgery and there is some damage, which could heal on its own or will need intervention from an ENT Specialist.

Has anyone lost their voice after a similar procedure & if so what was the cure etc?


I thought I could manage, but 4 weeks later I am struggling to manage loosing my voice.




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The first thing I can say is don't panic!

I had my Dacron arch replacement almost a year ago at Southampton and I had damage to the vocal cord nerve, causing one side vocal cord not to operate. For the first week I had no voice at all, when I got some sound back it came out like Joe Pasquale! There was also so little power in my voice as well. I was told at this time that my nerve/vocal cord could repair itself, but could take 6 to 12 months.

3 months post op I saw a ENT specialist who told me that the nerve to left side vocal cord was damaged, not broken so we would try voice therapy to get the failed half of the vocal cord to operate. The Therapist came to my house and we went through a whole series of exercises, which I had to practice 4 times a day. Guess what, after about 3 weeks WOW my voice broke and I had the elements of my old voice back. After another month, my voice was nearly normal again, just lacking the ability to shout with any volume.

Now, 12 months after it was lost my voice is back, still lacks the power to shout, but hey, a small price to pay. So don't worry at this early in your recovery phase. First concentrate on geting your strength back and healing. I know with all the emotion that you are feeling at this time, your voice loss is another burden, a problem you do not want. You cannot do anything about it at this time, but there is every chance it will improve and you will have your voice back. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery



Many thanks Gary, you bring a little peace to my mind!


Fingers crossed then.

It's not clear whether this would be damage to the vocal folds themselves, or to a nerve. Either way, Iuf you're in the UK you should ask your GP (or possibly your consultant) to refer you to a speech and language therapist. They will almost certainly be able to help, or to recommend where to go for it.

Had my surgery but it looks like this is a long term condition. I may need to go back for more surgery & or speech therapy. I have been told its not uncommon & another patient has recently had the same issues.


Loosing the ability to speak is a nightmare - make no misake.           On the otherhand i am alive.......


Will keep fighting, but its having its toll on family life & as i am in sales my job is now in hold. Luckily i work for a major company who have stood by me, but for how long?


Anyway onwards & upwards!!





Hi Harry,

Try the speech therapy they are amazing people. It worked for me.

Keep in there mate, it gets better


Voice is now juts gruff, but at least i can be heard. Anyimore than two people & its nigh on impossible. The voice therapy starts in a couple of weeks so I hope it will help.


I need to find out if the vocal cord was cut or damaged & we can then go from there.


Moving forward somedays more slowly than others.


Thanks for all comments appreciated.



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