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This popped up today on the auto AD google search: Personally I have come to be quite removed from the statistics in this type of report, as it suggests a 60% and a bit survival after 10 years for an acute ascending Type A with aortic arch tear (mine).

I'm at my 7 years anniversary next month - and going like a train. Way too many variable factors in these reports: age, happiness, family, health, fitness, belief in oneself, diet, exercise and a lot more. Take from it what you will: I only post it in that it might be of interest to some.

Here's the Link:






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If you have a day or so to spare (!) you can watch the 2008 Aortic Symposium video presentations held in the US. It's interesting in some ways with the projections for what the specialists consider will be able to be done by 2010 for AD. Be warned - its bloody and quite medical/technical!
Here's the link:

I'm not sure that quoting survival rates is very useful without further details such as age, other medical problems (e.g. coronary heart disease) etc. It isn't necessarily the AD which is primarily responsible.

Charles, agree wholeheartedly as per my original post comment(s). Actually gives us an insight into the mindset in a way of the medical profession and their obsession with statistics. My dad used to say 'statistics are like a lampost - you can use them to lean against - or use them to throw light on a subject'...



Absolutely. If they came up with survival rates for 45 year old men with type A dissections, hypertension and high cholestrorol controlled by drugs, no replacement aortic valve and a relatively stress-free job then I would probably take some notice. I don't think there would be enough people in that situation to constitute a reasonably-sized sample though. Without some better understanding of the dataset, statistics should be viewed with caution and a healthy amount of scepticism.


i work a little with statistics (albeit in a sales/manufacturing capacity) and i like the lamp post analogy from graeme's dad - although it doesn't cover the "massaged" figures i am sometimes asked to "coax" out of a dataset...

not really wanting to be gloomy, but bear in mind the acta-2 theory here too and the predisposition to aneuryse (is that even a word?)...

I think that in terms of trusting the reliabity of figures I would be happier knowing the experimenter. I like to drill down into the data.




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