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I received my email to participate as an aortic dissection survivor, thank you for allowing me to join in
February 28th 2014, was the date that changed my life enormously. There is so much detail, from the amazing help from my wonderful adult daughter who was here at my home around 9am when enormous pain in both my chest and each side of my upper back occurred
This was all swiftly followed by panic, uncrtollable shaking etc whilst my daughter took instructions from the 000 operator whilst ambulances were on route
Significant amounts via IV of morphein was administered as the paramedics took instruction from the medics at the hospital
I remember very little to nothing more for 17days. 7 and a half hours of immediate surgery by an amazing team of surgeons, to whom I will be eternally grateful, followed by the collapse of both lungs saw me on life support in ICU for the 17 day period, as my immediate family, 3 sons and mt daughter were a constant at my bedside. The prognosis immediately following surgery was very poor, my chances of survival were very low indeed
On day 18 I was finally moved to the cardiac ward, able to breathe on my ow, assisted by oxygen on a 24 hour basis
I remained in their care for a further 7 weeks and then released into my daughters care at her home
It is almost impossible to to explain how she, her husband and her 3 wonderful children cared for me in the most loving and practical way, all whilst their own lives had to continue to function as close to normal as was possible. I will be forever in their debt, more importantly their love and care showed how much I was loved, as I love them.
Towards the end of April, I finally returned to my home, against their wishes, mostly as I did not want to be a burden, or in any way, create any problem in their family, even though there was never any suggestion this was the case
It has indeed been a long and difficult road. I thought I was bulletproof and that given a few months I would bounce back to who I had been. This has not occurred.
Around 6 weeks after returning home, I suffered a stroke. Again the Gods were watching over me. My gait has been affected, I walk with a stick, however any distance or a shopping trip, ie: Xmas shopping is very very difficult indeed. I have no reserves to draw on at present, which reduces me to tears often. I want to be well. I want to participate in life.
Hopefully that will come as time passes. Thank you for reading 'my story'
Warm regards
Ms Del Cosson

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Wow, you are not only a survivor but what an adventure.  The good news is, that it does get easier and things start looking up. You will never be "normal" again but a new normal and it's wonderful, because you are still here.  *hugs*


It sounds like your daughter and her family are amazing and have helped you make good strides towards your recovery.  It is a long road with challenges on the way, but it does get better.  I am over 3 years post AD and still improving. xx

Thank you for your message Nicola
Unfortunately my life has changed, ot for the better. My family, of adult children and grandchildren has been shattered and I am estranged from all but one of them
It is a very long sad story, but it does effect my outlook on life hugely. Hopefully one day it will get better

I am very sorry to hear about your family. It makes the mental recovery so much harder. Know that you are not alone. Take one day at a time, keep living and I hope nothing but the best for you and your family.





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