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Not being macabre here..but this question REPEATEDLY tops the 3 most asked question on Google regading Aortic Dissections. 

My research from published medical papers seems to indicate that their is a 60% survival rate after 10 years for Type 'A' Aortic Dissection but I cannot find any further survival statistics past this... So - the million dollar question.... :0

Anyone know of anyone who has gone past this... and how long..??  I am sure that this would be a very positive set of numbers for all of us to know.... Their are a number of answers online for this question but most are pretty obtuse and no-one to my knowledge has ever put down a definitive answer.. not that I/we can either but it would be good to get some numbers to look at..

I make my 10 year anniversay next April 2013 so hopefully I can look forward to the next 10 years ;-)

Anyone like to put their AD anniversary  date to this post.. if we have enough data we can then do up hopefully a quite reassuring graph for our members and others.. :)




Graeme Archer  


 *** Update August 25 2015***
12 Year Anniversary April 23rd 2105.. here's to my lucky 13th Anniversary coming up in 2016 :-) 


 ***Update Nov 6 2018***
15 years post Aortic Dissection now and looking at 16 years next April 2019. My wonderful team at St Guys in London however keeping an eye on the dacron aorta join to the original Aortic Root on the heart. Normal wear and tear for last 16 years. Go team! Live life. Love life!

Cheers all
Graeme Archer



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Unfortunately not a lot of research has been done on AD.  So  STATS are hard to find especially STATS with details.



My cardiologist tells me at every visit that advances in medicine happen every day so when they have to do the surgery again (I have a dacron aortic replacement so it will have to be replaced at some point) the prognosis is good. :) You can expect to live a long time, Graeme. 

AD anniversary: June 1, 2009


Whilst I fully understand your comments, I guess a 'difinitive' answer of how long we will live is impossible for anyone to say re anyone, regardless of what has or may occur
For myself, I am unsure if reading too much re what occurred to me and others could keep me 'stuck' I so mush want to march forward and hopefully get back to close to how I was prior to the. 28th February 2014
I long for a Xmas in Londay and a cruise through Europe. At this time the flight from Australia to get started would be too much. Maybe next year
Best wishes to all

Now approaching 12 years post AD (March 2003) and feeling good. Just about kicked my prostate cancer in the butt after 30 odd radiation sessions. Looking forward to a GOOD year! 

Cheers and Happy New Year to all  :-) 


Reached my 5 years last year then had a seizure and dislocated my right shoulder through the back way. Ouch.
But all sorted now. Just more medication to take.
Now another year to look forward to.
Happy new year to all

Whoops. Wasn't finished.
Graeme glad to see you are still in fighting mode. It can't have been easy. But well done.

Thanks Patrick.

Been quite a journey...hopefully now another set of notches in the belt of life.. ;-) 



My type A surgery was done on August 22, 2009, but I was left with a Type B that continues to be under observation. 

I'm on my 6th year with an inoperable dissection, you've given me a bit of hope thank you so much

Hang in there John! :-)  



Hey! Have just celebrated my 12th anniversary after my AD on 23rd April 2003 (St Georges Day!) Rock on!

Cheers  All

Graeme :-) 

Hi Graeme, My AD date is October 31, 2008, I will be celebrating 7 years.  I have a question, Do all AD require a mechanical Heart Valve also.  I was life flighted in on Oct 31, 2008, and underwent 14 hours of surgery, to include a mechanical HV, along with an Ascending and Descending Dissection.  What are the percentages of having an MHV along with the dissection. Just wondering  Thanks for a great site. 



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