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Aha! The million dollar question your doctor and all the specialists in the world can't (won't) answer.. but to be fair it depends a lot on the factors involved: age, health, time to get to operation from the dissection, type of repair: was the heart valve replaced - if so with what type of valve..mechanical or graft..

My event happened in April 2003 and now, 6 years on apart from the usual stuff that you inherit with a mechanical heart valve - (clicking and whooshing and slight circulation problems and taking warfarin every day - and it's implications with other drugs and foods) - I'm a happy camper as just passed my yearly checkup with flying colours!

Oh. Of course. How long? Life expectancy once past the first year or so with all things going well can be as long as 25 years plus! But- life expectancy is not about how long you live - but about what you do with it! Carpe Diem!

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This is definitely my million dollar question. I am in the learning process, but I do know that my problem began as an aneurysm, then turned into an aortic dissection that went down all the way to my abdominal area like a zipper. So it is scary to think about the future sometimes.

Maria Trinidad
Heres some data I found from the makers of heart valves (St Jude Medical) on life expectancy after Aortic Dissection. It's a bit out of date but the data is pretty interesting as with increased artificial valve efficiency and new operational procedures the mean survival age is growing steadly all that time. Also an interesting paper on artificial valves v tissue valves....
Thanks, Graeme, that looks like promising news. Funny how the charts they use don't start until age 50+. There are people who need them who are much younger than that! I looked a bit at the site until I saw a photo of my husband's valve/graft and it scared me a little! I think I better let some time pass before I look at photos like that again! All is well here, we just celebrated Pete's 3-week heart birthday yesterday. He's in some pain, but doing great. He even slept in bed last night for the first time since the surgery. That was great (even with the tick tick ticking).
as I am relatively young, having had my type I with aortic valve replacement at the age of 30, i asked my consultant surgeon exactly this. barring the obvious physical restrictions (no extremes of activity) he said there is no reason why i cannot lead a normal life. life expectancy for me would not be affected by the aortic root and arch prosthesis, or the mechanical valve. my problem is not how long i have left, but after being clinically dead and having an associated nde, i feel that i should be doing more with my life than i actually am...
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