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That's a very interesting discussion, Kimberlee, and real food for thought.

I had my emergency AD three month after my 64th birthday; my dad died, in Spain, of a "heart attack" in his 66th year. There was no post-mortem, even though he collapsed and died suddenly at the breakfast table.

Under Spanish regulations, he had to be buried within 24 hours even though it was a very chilly February, so there was no opportunity to challenge the certificating doctor's diagnosis of "cardiac infarction". I'd like to bet it was aortic dissection, and have warned my daughter to keep a check on her BP and any aortic disfunction, for want of a better word.

Wow, what an inspiring woman, food for thought.


Isnt it alarming that that video is from so long ago and yet the same mistakes keep happening .After watching video I googled ritters list for dissecting aorta and this comes up top the page ..and it was written in 2004 !! 15 years ago,you'd think in 15 years things would have improved ..

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I just completed another shift in the emergency room (which I do about once per month), and it continually amazes me the amount of non-emergent cases that comes through – but that’s for another rant.

So I’m reading that the family of John Ritter is suing the hospital for misdiagnosing his ascending aortic aneurysm. Galen certainly has some tough words for this. I’ll reserve opinion since I’m not familiar with the case.

We’re taught there are generally four causes of chest pain that can result in sudden death. They are myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolus, aortic dissection, or tension pneumothorax. According to the story:



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